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Eyam School is a friendly village school in which the dedication and care of all the staff ensures a happy atmosphere where children can achieve high standards and experience success.  We consider the education of your child is a partnership and recognise the great trust you place in us by choosing our school.  Take a look at the site, we hope you will be encouraged to come and see the school for yourself as we are always happy to arrange visits.  Oona Gilbertson – Headteacher 


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Rainforest Topic – what have we been up to?

What a range of work the school produced during the first half term in our Rainforest topic.

Here is snap shot of writing, art and DT all linked to the topic focus. The pupils discovered what a rainforest looks like – all the layers that give it many unique qualities and make homes for so many plants and animals.

They reflected on what it would feel like to live in a rainforest.

Here are our new reception children in a phonics lessons !   Talk listen and ask session where the children bring in their own resources linked to the topic – some Infants even did a presentation on Seesaw!

Owls took inspiration from Henri Rousseau’s ‘Tiger in a tropical storm’ to create a layered representation of the rainforest using different textures.


animal sorting in the Infants

Information texts in Y5

Finding out about who lives where in the rainforest

A letter to a friend from an adventure to the rainforest.

The oldest pupils investigated some of the threats to the modern rainforest and composed and redrafted a set of very fiery letters covering aspects of deforestation and land use. You can see the children are working hard to improve their writing using the steps to success and a range of persuasive techniques. Look at our amazing Rainforest moving pictures with levers and pivots!  Finally some self assessment of all we’ve learnt this half term.

We also teach reading comprehension skills through the topic themes as far as possible – this half term we therefore used alot of factual writing as well as creative, descriptive writing as sources for text analysis and for developing vocabulary knowledge and use.


White Hall was a wonderful escape and a fabulous challenge

Just LOOK at the level of challenge and how well the children are working together – how their faces tell a story of determination, pleasure, fun, resilience, a little terror and lots of bravery, relief and excitement!

Squirrel children were fabulous to take to Whitehall – its was a super non sleepover residential and certainly established some good relationships and helped to gel the class together as a group.


Please enjoy looking at our presentation!

Go to this Sway

New life and fluttery feathers

After 3 weeks of waiting …. we arrived at school and were greeted by cheeping! We could see the tiny hatchlings had a hatching beak so they could chip open the egg. We noticed how tired and wet the new chicks were as they hatched – and how long it took.

Quickly fluffing up the chicks were very soft and cute – look how gentle our new reception children are being.

We were interested in seeing how the chicks drank by lifting their heads back and quickly learnt to eat the chick crumbs. They enjoyed scrabbling through leaves and grass cuttings as well as being handled.

Hedgehogs were very quiet when we let the chicks out for a flutter around the art room – they were very funny, jumping onto the children’s legs and rushing around the space enjoying some freedom!



Worship Eyam style

Mike and Adam have given their time to bring us peace and a moments calm reflection to our busy days this half term. They usually join us in school but due to the pandemic we are not meeting as a school and so this is our only time together and its become a special event each week for staff and pupils.

We celebrated Harvest by holding up the fruits of God’s spirit and talked about letting our light and our spirit shine on others. We also picked out own vegetables and  met in the garden to say a thank you to our giving, natural world.


Our theme has been Hope, which began with thinking about how the NHS has continued to provide hope as they sought a vaccine for the virus. We can also give hope to others by visiting them or doing their shopping or asking how we can help our neighbours.

‘Hope is a renewable option: if you run out of it one day then you can start again in the morning with some more.’

We all stood together and felt hope pass down our arms and into our hearts in the wonderful sinshine.

Mike has talked about Gods Love being a promise of things to come and of its size  ‘big and wide and strong and tall’.



Adam last week brought his easel and painted the day Jesus clamed the waves – we should trust in him to help us when times are tough.

Here we are thinking about a story in the bible where other people complain and blame each other – we thought hard about whether we should condemn others or admit that at times we all get things wrong. We thought about how to forgive each other.

This half term we’ve also found we can do whole school Worship on Teams – each class can see and hear each other and we can share ideas, videos, hand out certificates and hear from pupils through this online medium. Its a new challenge but fun to be able to come together and to be able to celebrate together again.

 We are celebrating our Mac Millan Coffee morning with home made cakes !

Settling into school for our new Reception

As you can see the good weather has been put to good use with LOTS of outside learning.

From day one these new members of Eyam school have been learning with and from each other as well as from everyone in their class. Its been wonderful to see them picking up these group learning skills whilst playing outside. We hope you can see number work, counting, writing, taking turns, team effort, confidence, balancing, performing, challenge, fun, exploration, concentration and clapping!

Well done to all of Hedgehogs for helping these children to settle into life at Eyam School.

Reception you were brilliant this week as you showed your parents how we do phonics lessons – Mums and siblings were part of our on-line lesson to share how we learn and use our letter sounds. A big thanks to Mrs Jones and Mrs McGuire as this was a new experience for us all.

Look at what’s been going on during lockdown!

The Builders have worked hard to create a splendid new learning space in what used to be an unusable outdoor courtyard …. great timing as we need more space than every with our catch up sessions now in full swing as well as the peri music staff back in school AND the learning bubbles.


We started with pre planning ideas through the Peak Park and the Council about 4 years ago and consultations with parents, governors, architects and of course we started talking about it with the PTFA.


Helped by a local retired architect the Governors and Mrs Gilbertson finally got the project off the ground in the late Autumn of 2019 and worked together to select a local Architect firm, Smith and Roper of Bakewell. Due to start in July Mrs Gilbertson and the architect battled against growing Covid restrictions to compile tender documents, hold on line meetings with the Premises Committee and  select a builder, NSJ who assured us that they could make a start even with the restricted access through the side walk through.


Lockdown struck teh country and the team held their breathe as contractors were told to stay home and supplies for windows and cement ran low across the country……… We did manage to start on time and the constant trickle of vans and yellow hats have been working hard over the entire Summer break. All was going well until we found rotten lintels above the big old gable windows in Hedgehog class …….so work stopped for 2 weeks whilst a solution could be found – such bad timing as it meant the build was not ready for the start of term!



Its been noisy start of term as they tackled the un-foreseen issues, replacing them with steels and having to build supportive columns and as you see put through needles to hold up the gable end. It was hot and tricky but thanks to the skill and careful planning all went well.


Finally as September draws to a close we are almost ready to unveil our new space – this week its been very hectic with electricians,  plumbers, plasterers and even parents starting to paint…….. Can you help to finish the decorating before the carpet arrives?



If you wish to donate towards this amazing learning space then you can! Use the QR code below to get to our fundraising page. OR in the next week we will have restarted our ‘Raise the roof’ campaign where you can buy a family or business musical note to join our wall of music – these range form £20 to £100 and are inscribed with the donators name.


How are YOU?

We have been asking the children to think about how they felt during lockdown when they were at home.

What did they enjoy during this time? what made them feel happy and why? Did they learn new things or find that they liked things they’d not done before?

We also asked what couldn’t they do and why and how that made them feel. What made them frustrated and sad and if this had also made them more resilient.

This created an opportunity to practise talking to each other about their feelings – some people find this hard but we do get better at it if we are given the words to use and time to practise. Mrs Gilbertson always likens it to her poor football skills – she never played as a child and so is really rubbish! However she is determined that her children at Eyam will get time to learn the skills of talking and listening and finding the words to talk about how they feel.

Welcome to our new children

Eyam is pleased to say a happy hello to several new families and of course our special reception children. They have all made a great start and already started to make friends in their new classes.

Its good to have new faces in the juniors as we remember how to make others feel welcome – this year it feels as if many children are new after so long out of school!

 Welcome to new families

Reception have made a flying start and enjoyed exploring the outdoors in the super Autumn sunshine. Its been lovely to meet new parents in the playground – we hope you will join our zoom PTFA meetings this half term!

   New Reception children exploring the grounds

Welcome back

We always start the year with a staff snap and this year we enjoyed coffee in our beautiful wild fower meadow that we planted during lockdown – its our thankyou to the NHS and thank you to staff for supporting those families throughout lockdown.

Good luck to everyone as they return to school