What’s under our feet?



We are lucky enough to have a large playing field at Eyam CE Primary – so here we are digging it up!


You can see us exploring our local history with an archaeological dig in the school field! This was brought alive by the range of finds at each level of the pit – we excavated bones, pipes and shoe heels! Our Stone Age topic has been a hit with both staff and pupils as we considered how the countryside could have looked 5000 years BC.

The PTFA also funded an Archaeology day where the children excavated a range of finds and, working in cross phase groups, wrote labels for each find. Everyone made clay pots using a thumb technique. In our recent Ofsted inspection learning – Owl class then wrote a story about falling through time into the Stone Age and how it would feel to arrive in that long ago time.




Celebrating a Centenary
A thank you form our friends in Burkina Faso

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