What is in the News – how does it effect us all.


There was more going on than just getting back to school……..we tried throughout Covid to ensure we’d posted resources onto the class pages that covered current affairs such as;

The benefit of lockdown to animals and wildlife – how did we feel about the quiet?


Refugee Week

The children considered how it might feel to arrive in a new place  – we used some great resources which helped us to talk about empathy and sympathy and the children were able to watch videos through the eyes of a child. It was interesting to listen to the children exploring the idea that lockdown has prevented us from seeing our friends and family and that perhaps this helps us understand better how lonely it would be if you don’t have friends to talk to.

Written by a year one child ……..Dear God, Thank you for our lovely family. Please look after refugees and people that have had to leave their homes.  Amen

Black Lives Matter


Not only did we receive this excellent resource to share across the school. We were also sent a host of material that meant staff could show the children how many other people were concerned about this across the globe.

We discussed the meaning of significant words such as justice, racism, equality, rights and the effects of working together to raise important issues .  We reminded children that we’d learnt about significant women during the Autumn and that this current action was related to the work of Rosa Parks. The children also considered why we have statues and what they say about our history. There was plenty to discuss and we encouraged the children to realise that they too have a part to play in creating a safe place for others to live.

Re opening for more families – at last
Reflections of Covid (part one)

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