Village favourites from Hedgehogs


As part of the topic on where we live – a city a town or a village, the infants were asked to ‘make a place in Eyam that was special’ Just have¬† look at the inventive creations. This project was part of our ‘HOT skills’ (Higher Order Thinking Skills) homework where, during the year different tasks are set that help to develop a problem solving approach. Skills such as imagination, design, invention, planning – as well as the most important which is spending time making something which involves talking and listening and having some family fun! We hope you enjoy seeing the results.

All the infants shared their creations with the school, each giving a short talk about why they had chosen that place. Again this takes a huge amount of bravery and helps to develop confidence and public speaking – its great to see this develop over time. The Juniors make such a wonderful audience too.




Odd socks to celebrate being different!
Order! order! at Squirrel’s Parliamentary debate

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