The Dream Team are recognised for their super spirit


At last weeks North Derbyshire Basket Ball finals Eyam were noted for their tough team spirit and fair play.

The children were thrilled in the early part of the evening to win their first 2 matches with Luke scoring a basket in the first 5 seconds

Basketball Final!

On Wednesday 31st , the A team went with pride and determination to win the basketball final, held at Anthony Gel School.

We played four matches. We had one win and the two games were joint but we did lose a game. We played with good sportsmanship even though we didn’t always agree with the referee.

We came 6th out of 8 amazing teams! We are all so proud of the A team for representing Eyam School so well.

Although we did not win we left with our head held high and a trophy in hand for the spirits of the game!

By Grace


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