Squirrel Class enjoy a days retreat at the Peak Centre in Edale




Dear Margaret, Simon and Alistair,

We are writing to say thank you for our awesome retreat day.

We all loved the activities, but our favourite one was the dragon and the magic stick. We also liked the magical little hut in the middle of the forest where we made the cairn and had a moment of silence and looked at the amazing display.

Our class love being together out of school. We liked thinking about ourselves and other people. We really enjoyed the mindfulness and it made us feel really calm. It also made us think about how to calm down in difficult situations. We also all loved choosing a button and thinking and saying what it made us think about, and drawing the pictures.

The parachute was fun, and was a great way to make us feel more relaxed about the day. It was really tricky to keep the ball going the right way and we had to work together as a team.


Overall we had a really fantastic day and we hope to come again some time.

Yours sincerely,

Emily and Savannah

(on behalf of Eyam school)








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