Settling into school for our new Reception


As you can see the good weather has been put to good use with LOTS of outside learning.

From day one these new members of Eyam school have been learning with and from each other as well as from everyone in their class. Its been wonderful to see them picking up these group learning skills whilst playing outside. We hope you can see number work, counting, writing, taking turns, team effort, confidence, balancing, performing, challenge, fun, exploration, concentration and clapping!

Well done to all of Hedgehogs for helping these children to settle into life at Eyam School.

Reception you were brilliant this week as you showed your parents how we do phonics lessons – Mums and siblings were part of our on-line lesson to share how we learn and use our letter sounds. A big thanks to Mrs Jones and Mrs McGuire as this was a new experience for us all.

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