Rainforest Topic – what have we been up to?


What a range of work the school produced during the first half term in our Rainforest topic.

Here is snap shot of writing, art and DT all linked to the topic focus. The pupils discovered what a rainforest looks like – all the layers that give it many unique qualities and make homes for so many plants and animals.

They reflected on what it would feel like to live in a rainforest.

Here are our new reception children in a phonics lessons !   Talk listen and ask session where the children bring in their own resources linked to the topic – some Infants even did a presentation on Seesaw!

Owls took inspiration from Henri Rousseau’s ‘Tiger in a tropical storm’ to create a layered representation of the rainforest using different textures.


animal sorting in the Infants

Information texts in Y5

Finding out about who lives where in the rainforest

A letter to a friend from an adventure to the rainforest.

The oldest pupils investigated some of the threats to the modern rainforest and composed and redrafted a set of very fiery letters covering aspects of deforestation and land use. You can see the children are working hard to improve their writing using the steps to success and a range of persuasive techniques. Look at our amazing Rainforest moving pictures with levers and pivots!  Finally some self assessment of all we’ve learnt this half term.

We also teach reading comprehension skills through the topic themes as far as possible – this half term we therefore used alot of factual writing as well as creative, descriptive writing as sources for text analysis and for developing vocabulary knowledge and use.


White Hall was a wonderful escape and a fabulous challenge
Run or walk in the stunning scenery and raise funds for the local community

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