New life and fluttery feathers


After 3 weeks of waiting …. we arrived at school and were greeted by cheeping! We could see the tiny hatchlings had a hatching beak so they could chip open the egg. We noticed how tired and wet the new chicks were as they hatched – and how long it took.

Quickly fluffing up the chicks were very soft and cute – look how gentle our new reception children are being.

We were interested in seeing how the chicks drank by lifting their heads back and quickly learnt to eat the chick crumbs. They enjoyed scrabbling through leaves and grass cuttings as well as being handled.

Hedgehogs were very quiet when we let the chicks out for a flutter around the art room – they were very funny, jumping onto the children’s legs and rushing around the space enjoying some freedom!



Worship Eyam style
White Hall was a wonderful escape and a fabulous challenge

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