Mothering is all about those who take care of us


We say a BIG thank you to anyone who cares for us – this includes Granny, Auntie, sisters and Mums – those who look out for us – we want to remember you because you help keep us happy and safe and fed, you wash our clothes and you also sometimes say no. All these things we are grateful for.


Dear God,
We thank you for mothers and carers everywhere,
and for all they do to help us to grow up well.
We thank you that they love us and show us
how to learn to stand on our own two feet.

We pray that mums will feel really special today;
that they will know how much we love them
and how much you love them too.

Most of all, we thank you, God,
that you are our heavenly parent
who loves us and helps us all to grow well
and make the very best of life.


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