Marvellous Manchester – a city adventure for Owls


What were we doing in Manchester?

Our Whole school topic is cities and we’ve been exploring the size of a city – how people live and where they play, transport, diversity, shopping, roads and facilities. We also got to fit in a visit to the Cathedral.


‘I learnt that there is an outer city and an inner city,’ said Hannah! ‘My best bit was looking inside the Cathedral.’

‘I found out the symbol for Manchester is a bumble bee and there were giant painted bumble bees on some of the buildings,’ reported Erin. ‘I really liked having the tour round the city AND eating my lunch too!’

Prue remarked, ‘there are not really any hills so its flat and that makes it easy to walk around. My favourite part was drawing the Cathedral because I liked looking at all the details.’


Christmas at Eyam CE School
Run, run as fast as you can look who’s competing at the County finals!

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