Life in a Victorian workhouse


Owls and Squirrels enjoyed a fabulous day at Quarry Bank Mill – learning all about life before iPADS and phones and even before washing machines and white boards when work really meant work and a hot potato was a luxury food!

‘My favourite part was seeing where the children lived – in the Apprentice house I could see what they ate.’

‘I found out that they had chamber pots under the beds and the boys had to clean them out with their left hand! The girls had to wash the dirty clothes!’

‘I was interesting to see the cotton making machinery at the mill- it was very noisy and I would not want to work there!’

‘My best part of the day was at the apprentice house we had to make our own beds – it was tricky because it had to be really neat!’

‘I liked how you had to write with only your right hand and I am left handed – it was really hard!’

‘My favourite part of the day was when we had to pump the water to make a model of the mill work.’

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