Introducing our leaders


As Head of school I believe that we should set a good example to other pupils and help them to ‘let their light shine’.

One of our jobs is to represent the school and welcome visitors by showing them round and talking about what and how we are learning.

I am the Librarian – I respect our school by keeping the library tidy and helping people find the books they need.

We read a lot in school and have been learning about how to be a powerful reader!

We are the House Captains and the Sports Leader. As Sports Leader I make sure people play by the sports values, these are respect, teamwork, passion, determination, honesty and self belief. The most important part about sport is having a go, doing your best and encouraging others – its not always about winning. I also hand out sports awards when we celebrate good work.

The House Captains are Leaders of our four Houses – Chatsworth, Pevril, Haddon and Hardwick. They take part in play buddy training along with the School Council and in the warmer weather they lead mini games over lunch times. I think as House Captain we can help children to be friends at play time as well as show them what our motto means because when you work as a team – ‘Together Everyone Learns More’!

I am the Eco Leader this year, in the Summer we were awarded the Eco flag for the third time which means we have lots to do to keep this up in the future. We learn about water, biodiversity, healthy living, transport, global citizenship, litter, waste and energy.

The School Council are elected at the start of each year. We make democratic decisions and try to be good role models. In meetings we make sure everyone has a voice and listens. We choose equipment and make sure the guinea pig has food and we help to run the cake sales to raise funds which we spend on wet play and outdoor games for playtime. We met Mrs Gilbertson and the Premises Governor to talk about feeling safe in school and have also taken part in Play Buddy training where we learnt to read each others emotions and use this to help sort out issues in the play ground. This year we decided to give our Santa money to the Jan Tam school in Burkina Faso, we help to decide which charities the school raises money for each year.


King Arthur raised a storming conclusion to the year!
Finding out about our local history – the plague at Eyam 1665

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