How are YOU?


We have been asking the children to think about how they felt during lockdown when they were at home.

What did they enjoy during this time? what made them feel happy and why? Did they learn new things or find that they liked things they’d not done before?

We also asked what couldn’t they do and why and how that made them feel. What made them frustrated and sad and if this had also made them more resilient.

This created an opportunity to practise talking to each other about their feelings – some people find this hard but we do get better at it if we are given the words to use and time to practise. Mrs Gilbertson always likens it to her poor football skills – she never played as a child and so is really rubbish! However she is determined that her children at Eyam will get time to learn the skills of talking and listening and finding the words to talk about how they feel.

Welcome to our new children
Look at what’s been going on during lockdown!

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