Goodbye and Good Luck to y6


What a year to remember 2020

Here are our Leavers with their hoodies!

Celebrating with our last Forest school afternoon

   How many y6s can you spot?

Transition this year took place via zoom and web based drone videos!

Our fabulous tea party presentation of ‘The Great realisation’ by Tom Foolery – the older pupils dramatised the poem showing great memory, co-ordination and team work, with evocative music by Lucas Gilbertson. We shared our memories, hopes and aspirations…..

The poem: The Great Realisation of 2020



Ice cream for those moving on including the significant y2s who will be Juniors in September!

Have a great time y6 being grown up and remember to take our values and our positive aspirations with you!


Enjoy a wonderful Summer everyone and we plan to see you ALL in September!


Sports day – Yes we can and we will do it!
Welcome back

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