Friendship Week at Eyam


Come and see our ‘Friendship hearts’ which show just how many ways there are to be a friend. This whole school project helped us to consider different ways of showing friendship everyday.



The School Council along with House Captains took part in Buddy training, this year lead by Mrs Hix – each member is now able to take more responsibility at play times. The children enjoyed playing games such as wink murder and they now have lots of ideas of how to get others involved, encouraging different children to take part. The House Captains and School Council have a rota and wear a friendship buddy sash so others know who to go to if they need a chat or a new friend.


We held several child led worship discussions to consider this years Anti-bullying theme which is ‘All Different All Equal’ Children worked in houses to talk about how we are the same and how we might be different. We then continued this to ask how we would welcome someone who was different to our school. They may be new to the area, have a disability, speak a different language or have experienced terror. We listened to stories about children who had been made to feel left out and asked how that would feel.  The children suggested ideas such as sharing ideas, helping, showing new children our routines, being a buddy, having a positive response to strange questions, looking out for each other, treating everyone the same, looking out for others, respecting their ideas and beliefs, asking them to be a friends and take part, offering to share feelings.

Remember we have child friendly policies which last years Play Buddies wrote – they are on the children’s notice board if you’d like to read them.

Hedgehog children discussing different types of bullying – leaving people out, pushing and saying nasty things are all bullying.

Hedgehog Class have been busy making a friendship recipe – reminding us of all the good qualities that a friend should have



Having a Ball
Celebrating the preparation for Christmas 2017

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