Closed! for the foreseeable future……


Along with the rest of the country Eyam School is closed for most children.

On the day we closed the BBC ran a special report about the village coming together during the crisis……


Its not Easter yet but only children of Key worker families can come to school if they need child care …. what will they be doing?  who is going to teach them? will they get school lunch? will school be open over Easter? when can everyone else come back?

So many questions arose that week as we closed – following the Government guidelines, keeping the Governors updated, answering staff questions and figuring out how to communicate with the children whilst they were at home, finding out what other schools were doing and working out if we had staff to keep the school open and how we could also keep safe at home as well as at work …… it was an extraordinary week.

Terrific team work gets us to the finals
Hedge planting – in the nick of time for Spring

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