Climate Challenge in Parliament Week


Our two lucky Cluster Parliament members have already been involved in the creation of an amazing sculpture – made from recycled materials and created at Lady Manners along with other Cluster Parliament members from the LMS Cluster of Primary Schools.

They then travelled to Derby to meet Bishop Alastair at the Cathedral to celebrate Parliament Week.

The focus was to learn how humans are damaging the planet and consider what we should be doing about making our existence more sustainable. The children explored coral reefs – and how increased sea temperatures effect their existence. ‘We need to recycle, reuse and not using so much packaging,’ wrote Jess. ‘We should reduce carbon emissions by turning lights off and walking instead of using the car.’

The group took part in a debate about fracking in the Peak district. ‘I liked the voting as it was interesting to see who voted which way after all the persuading from both sides of the argument,’ Marley reported. No won with 108 votes.

We also learnt about Jet engines with Rolls Royce. The whole trip was really interesting and we learnt loads of interesting facts.

 Making the sculpture at LMS  Exploring what coral needs to stay healthy

  Taking the fish to Derby  voting by going through the yes or no doors!

 Listening to all the points of view

Thank you to Mrs Perring for taking us!

Back at school we also went on a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament and the children talked in their Houses about the importance of a fair debate, hearing all sides of a discussion and giving people time to talk. We decided that parliament was  good example of democracy and that our school council was a good example of democracy in our school. Owl Class have just voted 2 new members – Olivia and Prue will be representing their year group at our meetings.

The Dream Team are recognised for their super spirit
Wide eyed at Bridgewater Hall

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