Celebrating in the sunshine – with Worship in the open air!


A BIG thankyou to Mike and Adam who have continued to lead our regular worship during this year’s Covid lockdowns. They have brought their usual warm passion and some great props to the playground as well as a bright moment of peace and togetherness.

Thank you for bringing us your wisdom as we have learnt and reflected on Joy, Wisdom, Peace and Hope.

Finally we were able to go back to church for our Leaver’s Service – singing in church was a real highlight and we look forward to this in the Autumn.

Our together moments have reminded me of how preaching might have been done in the past – outdoors and with a bold voice – I am sure however that bibles on iPADs, laughter and bubbles would not have been used to bring worship to life.

Clever at Cricket?
Cycling goes ahead as the village starts to get busy!

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