Celebrating a Centenary


Did you know that its 100 years since the local Boot and Shoemakers Strike in 1918 that demanded fair wages for the families of Stoney and Eyam?

We’ve been learning all about the local event and joined the village on Saturday 14th April along with the Castleton Silver Band and local residents to re-enact the march.

We were very proud of the children who took part in the acting, singing, marching and then performing the poem in the church in Stoney. You can see the banners that have a pair of feet for every child at school and were proudly carried all the way from Eyam down to Stoney along Mill Lane.  They had all taken the time to get dressed in period costume and were a super addition to the adults who took part – well done everyone was impressed by your mature behaviour and especially the poetry. Thank you to Mrs Brunt for your wonderful choreography. This is a piece of your heritage children and we hope you enjoyed taking part! For anyone wanting to read more about that period of time the book ‘Tunes on a Penny Whistle’ by Doris E Coates.

Active learning through pupil sports leadership
What’s under our feet?

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