Adventure to the Capital City


Squirrels had their hard work rewarded by a visit to London.

Starting early at 5:45 and taking in many famous sites along the route made the day really memorable for everyone.


At last we arrived and were ready to climb up to the top of Tower Bridge – some of the parents were scared ! We were lucky to have a guided explanation about the winching mechanism for the bridge.


Then it was lunch time! In the sunshine  

  After  a photo snap by the London Eye we drove past New Scotland Yard, Downing Street, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Marble Arch and Harrods.

  Our adventure took us next to the renowned and beautiful Natural History Museum – parents and pupils alike were wowed by its awesome design.

 Time to shop – so many decisions to make and then to pay for!  A final count up after a visit to the loo!  The final treat was a visit to McDs which put a late evening smile on our faces before some of us had a snooze!     A big thanks to the parents who joined us and a massive cheer for Mrs Jones who was always there with her first aid and a big smile 🙂 A day to remember Squirrels.

Ending with a musical flourish
King Arthur raised a storming conclusion to the year!

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