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Help children and young people to boost their health and wellbeing by promoting being active before, during and after the school day. Check out the link to see a list of activities provided by physical activity and sports organisations.


Sporting Successes 2019-2020




Evidencing-the-Impact-of-the-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium-Eyam 2020

covid revised Sports Premium 19-20 spend for web









Sports Premium 19-20 intended spend for web


Here is how we spent our Sports funding and the impact it had on the children, the staff, the community and the whole school vision, values and curriculum over 2018-2019 Sports Premium 18-19 Impact and Sustainability for Web


Sports Matters 3 Winter 2018



Summer Sports Matters Autumn 2018


Sports Matters Autumn 2018


Summer Sports Matters 2018

Sports Premium 18-19 intended spend for web


Receiving our GOLD Award as we train our next Change for Life Team

We are all looking forward to another successful year

We’ve got off to a flying start with our two girls who got through to the Talent Academy over the summer.

RDSSP Talent academy

Emily and Freya went to an epic talent academy. To qualify for this amazing academy you had to go to the pentathlon at HVC and come in the top 40.

We did lots of fun activities like:              *Hit the monster     *Peg tag     *Trick cone

We were really lucky to meet a professional Bobsleigher who is now a speed skater. After meeting her we talked about healthy eating and did some ladder drills. On the first day we try to improve our scores that we got in the pentathlon after some hard work training and we got the bronze level.

We enjoyed the ladder drills but are favourite part was hit the monster. Over all we really enjoyed it and learnt lots.                                                                  By Emily and Freya

We also celebrate a massive achievement – so many budding dancers who’ve all achieved their ballet and dance exams – some even managed to reach distinction level! Congratulations girls.

Sports Action Plan for 2017-18

We are expected to show on the website how many children can swim 25 in Y6

This year all but one of our children can swim 25 m (92%) and this child has made progress and uses a float to help get around the pool. All the children took part in water polo training and many attended an out of school tournament in Sheffield.

  September 2017 Sport Matters




October 2017 Sport Matters






November  Sports Matters November 2017 drafts

SM December 17

January Sports Matters 2018 Read about Sports Hall Athletics, Basket ball finals, our Gold Award and splendid Gymnastic efforts at HVC as well as an impromptu dance lesson with a budding Sports Leader from Lady Manners.  JANUARY 18 – for Web

Spring 2018 – Our Sport continues at a pace, have a good read!   SM SPRING 18 

Summer 2018 – Sports Matters –











What a treat – the sun shone and all the children took part!

We began with Caribbean Steal drums and the day included African bead and clapping games played during rest periods – its was a blisteringly hot afternoon.

Each House took the competition seriously but there is always time for encouraging others and cheering everyone on. At Eyam we like to make sure everyone gets a go and their individual efforts mean something to the House team. The afternoon culminated in a game of Timeball played by the oldest children.

Big thanks to Mrs Gaywood for organising the event and volunteers for helping each House. As always the children showed great  determination, passion, belief, respect, honesty and teamwork – the core sports values, as well as a wonderful friendship. Thank you parents for taking the time to join us all at this great Summer event!



Intended spend for 2018-19  Sports Premium 18-19 intended spend for web