Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Reports Autumn 2019

The school carefully plans how to support children who are in receipt of the pupil premium, this is a mixture of in-class and individual support that addresses the barriers to learning that staff have identified. The number of pupils can fluctuate a lot – from 3 up to 9 in one year and therefore the needs can also change over a fairly short period of time. Obviously staff need to focus on the immediate issues as well as aim to provide more long term support for families.

Our allocation of funds for 19-20 is £4 940 based on the census, there were 3 pupils Attached is our strategy plan for 2019-20 PP-strategy-for website 19-20

Please find attached a Strategy plan for 2018-19 – we have a very small number of pupils and so obviously want to make sure the information provided is totally anonymised.

Our funding for 2018-19 is £7580

Strategy Statement for 2018-19 WEB

PP-strategy-for WEB Sept 17 final

A strategy plan for 2017-18 including a summary of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school and how we plan to spend the Pupil Premium to address those barriers.

Pupil premium funding 2017-18 =  £9800 This will be reduced further in 2018-19

Impact Report 2017 PPremium for 2016

Pupil Premium Strategy Oct-16