Ofsted and Inspections

Reports are available from the most recent inspections.  As a church school, these take place in form of an Ofsted report and a National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report.

Both can be viewed using these links:


As you may well know the Governors and staff were very pleased with our recent OFSTED visit and subsequent report which reflected the huge amount of work we have been doing to improve the challenge whilst maintaining support and a rich and exciting curriculum with many extras! Please see the link below.

Church Inspection

Official information regarding the school’s profile can be found on the direct.gov site.

Parent View

September 2015

In 2015 we asked families to log on and submit their views about Eyam School. 16 out of 52 families responded.

All those who responded would recommend the school. All said their child was happy, felt safe, makes good progress, is well looked after and is taught well. 94% of those who responded said they were happy with homework, the school was well lead and managed. We are working hard to deal with your suggestions and always endeavour to sort out any concerns in a timely fashion.

For example, 2% of those who responded said they didn’t know how we dealt with any bullying? In response we published on the website, through school newsletters, examples of our lessons and discussions and displays. We also invited you in to meet teachers and look around the school. So please feel able to give us your feedback. One way is to get involved with the parents forum, another is to come and talk to your child’s class teacher informally and discuss any concerns. A third method is to complete a parent questionnaire below.

When Ofsted inspects a school they take into account the views of parents when making their judgements. They do this through use of an online survey called ‘Parent View’. ‘Parent View’ ask for parents’ opinions on 12 aspects of Eyam Primary School, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

How do parents have their say?

Log on to the Ofsted ‘Parent View’ website and follow the instructions. Please note that these responses are collected by Ofsted.