Eco at Eyam

What is Eco?

At Eyam we have an Eco Team who work together to lead our school environmental action. Here is our pledge:

At green Eyam we work as a team to care, share, recycle and save.

We are learning about all 9 aspects of ECO: water; transport; energy; global citizenship; school grounds; biodiversity; litter; waste; healthy living.

‘the team help us understand how we can all learn to take responsibility to protect the world for tomorrow’

We want to make a difference. The Eco team explain: At our meetings we discuss what we are going to do next, like choosing monitors, checking the meter, making posters saying turn off the taps or measuring what we’re wasting. When it was our water project we designed and gave out homework so the children could monitor how much water they used at home. We always write notes so we can remember what we’ve decided to do next.

The Eco-Schools Programme

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life. Eco-Schools can help enhance the curriculum and get the whole school united behind something important.

Our mission is to help make every school in the country sustainable and to bring about behaviour change in young people and those connected to them so that good habits learned in schools are followed through into homes and communities.

ECO 2018-19

Still to come this year: biodiversity in the school grounds – bug hotel club and new meadow, chocolate: its journey, how to keep it fair, special workshop day, plastic in the ocean topic and finally finding out about transport across Europe!

Waste – NO EXCUSE FOR SINGLE USE   What can you reduce, reuse, recycle?

Our Cluster Pupil Parliament have been watching a programme about plastic recycling and went to local school to take part in a presentation by Nick Martin, Sky TV Presenter who made the programme  There were so many questions after the event – now the group are inviting Anne Welch from the Council to talk about what happens more locally in the Peak District.

Christmas gifts for our friends in Burkina Faso

Save energy at school AND at home!

The Eco team carried out an energy audit – that’s when we find out how many lights are on and computers are on and heating on even when the room is empty. We found a lot of things that could be improved. So we asked for light monitors to be selected from each class, their job was to check people were closing the doors and turning off lights – we gave out stickers to say well done. After a month we re did the audit.


Also we’ve been monitoring the use of energy for some equipment in school we found that although it only costs about 10p a day to run the charging trolley and the photocopier it all adds up to quite a lot of money and energy over the year.

We lead a whole school Assembly to talk about why we should save energy.


Healthy me 2017-2019 – what’s all that about?

At Eyam we believe in educating the whole child and so we take part in a range of complementary activities.

Active learning – moving during learning times to keep the brain active. Last year we won an award for being an active school!


A Retreat day at Edale Church Centre


Healthy Me club – this is run in small groups and is a discussion time for learning about healthy eating, how to cook healthy snacks, learning cooking skills and talking about things that might be worrying in todays world.


Of course we do LOADS of sports and outdoor games – look at the Sports Matters newsletters on the sports page!

This year we have run a tart/flan competition to find the favourite recipe and the Parent’s Forum meet to discuss the school menu – the children get to select things they like best and make suggestions for future choices.


Biodiversity – a study of plants and animals in our environment and what we can do to keep them safe

At Eyam we are lucky to be able to learn outside and everyone takes part in forest school lessons – the children have been learning about the habitat where mini beasts like to live – and getting up close to make some observations.

We have a gardening group at school who designed and made a garden with the theme of upcycled – here they are at Chatsworth RHS in the Summer finding out about a range of plants, what plants need to grow well, minibeast hotels and bees and their significance in the world of plant pollination. We also won the second prize in the schools competition – a proud day for Eyam!

Planet Protectors – where does our waste go?

The older children used a visit to the local Waste and Recovery Centre to learn about recycling – and the significance of reduce, reuse, recycle.

They learnt about Landfill sites and just how long it takes to compost our waste – if ever.

Water Project Autumn 2017

What is Eco Water?

Energy Events Winter 2017 – what are we doing to save energy at Eyam?

Exploring how we use energy

Web Energy

song to save energy