Welcome Owl Class 20212022

Class Teacher- Miss Tann

Here I will be uploading lots of pictures and information about what we get up to at school each term. There will also be links to spellings and the termly planning so you can see what your child will be learning.

What a lovely looking bunch! All ready for their 1st week back at school!

Summer 2- Rivers!


River dipping at the River Derwent!

Summer 1- Towns and cities!



At school, we celebrated Queen Elizabeth II being the monarch for 70 years. We did maypole dancing, had a picnic with people from the village and created Jubilee artwork.



In RE we are learning about Hinduism. We has the opportunity to visit the city of Derby. We visited a Hindu Temple, had a look at traditional Hindu shops and had a go at making traditional foods.

Lea Green!

We had a fun-filled day at Lea Green! We did the obstacle course, archery and climbing!

Science- Electricity

In Science, we have been learning all about electricity! We studied electrical safety, learnt electrical symbols, made working circuits and tested whether different materials were insulators or conductors.


In maths we have been measuring length, weight and capacity!

Spring 2- Ancient Egypt!

topic web (Autosaved)


To start out History topic off, we had an Egyptian day! We made scarab beetle jewellery, learnt about Egyptian beliefs and the process of mummification!

We looked at different images showing Egyptian life and discussed what they told us about life as an Egyptian,

Mummifying tomatoes to understand how the process of mummification works!

Creating our own Cartouche out of clay.

Science- Waste and plants

In Science this term, we have been looking at waste and plants. We have discussed how we can reduce waste and we even made our own compost and went on a waste hunt! Then we learnt about plant parts and their functions and what plants need to grow.

Belly dancing!

Today a professional belly dancer came in to show s some moves. This was part of our 5 ways to wellbeing.

World book Day!

What a fabulous day of reading, creating book covers, watching interviews with authors and discussing our favourite books with our friends.

Spring 1- Amazing artists!

amazing artists topic web  


To start our amazing artists topic off, we looked at mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We also looked at creating different warm and cool shades

Today we looked at different pieces of art and analysed them. We discussed how art can reflect different emotions through shape and colour. Our challenge was to match the piece of art to the title.

We have been looking at abstract art. We each had part of this piece of abstract art to recreate. We had to take our time and measure the sizes of the lines and shapes to make our recreation as accurate as possible. When we had finished we put out piece of art together like a jigsaw to create the big piece of art.

In class we have been learning all about Hannah Hoch. Hannah was a German artist who is known for being one of the founders of photomontage. We had great fun creating our own photomontages using a variety of newspaper and magazines photos.

This afternoon, we learnt about graffiti artist Jean Michel Basquiat and had a go at doing some art inspired by his work.

To finish our amazing artists topic, we looked at still life art and the work of artists such as Paul Cézanne. We then had a go ourselves with fruit and we had to spend time looking at the little details. We then enjoyed eating it afterwards as a healthy snack!


Our science topic this term in light. We started by identifying sources of light. Then we learnt all about reflection and tested a variety of materials to see which reflected the most light. We then explored mirrors and shadows!

Clarinet concert

A great performance from Owls today on their Clarinets.


This term, we had a very exciting trip to Hope Valley College to play some Quidditch inspired mini games! We have also enjoyed doing circuits with Miss Tann to practise a range of skills such as passing, dribbling, catching and throwing.

Autumn 2- Rampaging Romans!

romans topic web   

Julius Caesar play

As part of our Roman topic, we performed our very own Julius Caesar play where we each had a role and had to learn our own lines. In English we then had a go at writing our own playscript about Julius Caesar.


For Christmas decoration day we created a beautiful jar, a twig Christmas tree bauble and a Grinch card!

Dewa Roman Discovery Centre

Today we were Romans! We marched the streets of Chester, had a battle in the amphitheatre and explored roman ships and baths.

Science- Forces

In science, we have been learning all about Forces. We have investigated push and pull forces, gravity, air resistance and friction.

Children in Need

For children in need we watched a touching video that showed some of the people the money raised from children in need has helped. We also joined in with Joe Wickes special workout and even had a go at drawing Puudsy!

Anti Bullying Week

For anti-bullying day we talked about what bullying is, why people might bully and what we can do to help stop it. We watched the short film ‘Lou’ and created our own anti-bullying creatures.

Bonfire Art 

We have been learning about why we celebrate bonfire night. We created a skyscraper picture using a template and chalk.

Autumn 1- Dynamic Earth!

dymamic earth topic web

First term spellings 3 and


We have really been enjoying learning about our Topic of Dynamic Earth. We have learnt all about the layers of the Earth, how volcanoes are formed and what happens when they erupt and how tornados and tsunamis are formed. W especially enjoyed making our own erupting volcano and a tornado in a jar!


In maths we have been learning all about Roman Numerals and Place Value.

Forest School

This term we were lucky enough to have three forest school sessions. We built rafts, created nature portraits and created our own nature creature.

Cross Country 

We all headed to Hope Valley to participate in Cross Country. We showed great teamwork and resilience.


In Science we have been learning all about sound. We now know how sounds are formed and how you can alter the pitch and amplitude of a sound. We did some really fun experiments such as the vibrating drum experiment, the telephone cup experiment and the straw flute experiment.


In art we have been learning about Andy Warhol and Pop Art. We created our own Pop Art painting inspired by Andy Warhol’s Mount Vesuvius. During Black History Month we also looked at the life of Alma Thomas who was the first black woman to have her art displayed in her own exhibition. We then created a painting inspired by her work.


Challenge Time!

Owl Class have been practising their teamwork and growth mindset skills by completing lots of mini challenges!

WELCOMESee the source image

Welcome to our class page where we share all the exciting things we do in and out of class.

Summer 2- The Moorlands

Yorkshire Wildlife Park 

What a way to finish the year off! We explored Yorkshire wildlife park and saw lots of different animals and their habitats.

Water Aid Day!

Today we wore blue and brought in £1 to donate to water aid for the many people living without clean water. Mr. Brimer showed us how to build our very own water filtration system and we were amazed by how well it worked, the dirty water became clean!


Design Technology

We went on a trip to the Hannah Morgan Sculpture Garden and admired the beautiful sculptures. Hannah explained that she had created sculptures to reflect how different families felt during lockdown. We then creates our own sculptures of people to reflect different emotions; we discussed how body language can portray how someone if feeling.

Our trip to the Moorlands!

We were lucky enough to go on a trip to the Moorland Discovery Centre in Longshaw. The rangers told us all about the different plants and animals that live there. We went on a walk to explore the scenery and had a go at drawing the beautiful scenery using pastels.


This term we have had the lovely Year 2’s for Science. We have been learning all about animals and their habitats. We did our own habitat hunt in our school field, we painted a picture of an animal in their habitat and we looked at how to classify different animals. We also looked at how habitats are being destroyed by deforestation and global warming and we discussed what we could do to help.


Summer 1- The Stone Age


Year 4 Summer 1 Overview website

year 3 summer overview website

Owlc class Stone Age Topic Web



Design Technology- Stone Age house replica

We have studied what kind of houses the Stone Age people lived in and how they developed through the periods. This afternoon, we followed the instructions to create a Neolithic Stone Age house using clay, hay and paper.

Art- Cave paintings

We looked at some of the Cave paintings that are still around today from the Stone Age and talked about what they might have drawn and why. Then we used charcoals and pastels to create our own cave paintings.

Maths- Money

In Maths we have been learning all about money! We have been using coins to make amounts and are working on adding amounts and finding change. Once we could find change we got to visit Miss Tann’s shop were we could buy real objects with our money, as long as we could work out the change ourselves!

Science- States of Matter

Our science topic this term is States of Matter. We have learnt all about solids, liquids and gases. We did the coke and Mentos challenge, we all got very excited when the coke shot up in Miss Tann’s face! We learnt that this reaction happens because the Carbon Dioxide gas bubbles in the fizzy drink reacts with the tiny lumps on the Mentos. We also melted chocolate and then cooled it to demonstrate that when matter is heated it turns into a liquid and when it is cooled it turns back into a solid. To understand the process of evaporation we drew in water in the playground and noticed that when we came back later- it had evaporated! To understand the process of evaporation we held a glass of ice over a boiling pan and saw that drops of water formed on the glass. The heat droplets then dripped of the glass just like rain from a cloud!

Fruit Stew!

We used berries, apples, honey and sunflower seeds to make a Fruit Stew just like people in the Stone Age would have eaten. We thought this was a better idea than trying to find a Woolly Mammoth to eat!

Lea Green!

What an amazing day of obstacles, buggies and stream scrambling. We worked together, encouraged each other and overcame our fears! Go Owl class!

Archaeology Day!

Today we had a special visit from a real archaeologist! She taught us all about how objects from the past can give us loads of information about what their lives were like. We had a go ourselves at doing an excavation and found artefacts from the Stone Age, The Iron Age and The Bronze Age. Then we had a go at making some Stone Age inspired pottery. What a treat!


Our computing topic this term in coding! In our first lesson we did some real-life coding by creating maze codes and then de-coding each others maze. Then we programmed Robo-Mouse to complete mazes we had created out of different materials. After that, we were ready for some computer coding and have used scratch to learn how to create sprites, change backgrounds and get our sprites to move and speak.

Spring 2- The Amazing Aztecs!

Aztec topic web


Spellings spring 2

year 4 spring 2

Year  3 Spring 2


In maths we have been learning all about equivalent fractions. We tested our knowledge today with a fun equivalent fractions snakes and ladders game!


Today we learnt all about the Pyramid of the Sun and how the Aztec’s used to it to perform religious ceremonies, including human sacrifice! Then we re-created our own Pyramid of the Sun using clay.


This afternoon we made the most of the beautiful weather and practised our team building skills with some relay races.

Comic Relief

Today we wore something red and donated  a pound to help those in need.


We have been learning about online safety and scams. We are all very clued up now on the warning signs of online scams!


We finished off our Amazing Aztecs topic by doing some Aztec inspired weaving. It took lots of concentration but they looked wonderful. We have learnt so much about the Aztecs this term including, where they came from, why they settled in Mexico, how they came to an end, their religion and beliefs and their way of life.


It was lovely to do an Easter service for all of the parents. Some of us even got to read our very own Easter prayers.

It wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt!


In addition to weekly spellings and reading, children in Owl class will receive weekly homework on the online learning platform Seesaw. This will be set on Friday and due the following Wednesday. Invites have been sent via email so please check your emails and ensure your child can access the work.

Year 3 spelling overviews

Year 4 spelling overviews

Autumn 2 Shang Dynasty

shang topic web


Autumn 1 2020

rainforest topic web

Merry Christmas from Owl class!

Secret Santa

For the last day of term, Owl class made gifts for each other. We learnt that giving gifts can be just as exciting as receiving them!

Our 2020 poems

This week Owl class have been busy writing poems all bout this year. They were all wonderful and reflect how the children have managed to stay positive through all the difficult times.

Christmas Decoration day! 

What a fabulous day of making Christmas decorations, having a Christmas quiz and playing in the snow. Owl class is in full festive spirit!


Anti- Bullying

For anti-bullying day we wore odd socks to celebrate diversity. We also thought about we could lend a helping hand to someone who was being bullied.

Forest School

In our second forest school session we worked together to built our own obstacle courses- it was great fun!


We are really enjoying learning the Violin. Today we learnt how to hold the Violin correctly and the name of the strings.

Children in Need

We joined Joe Wicks for the last part of his 24 hour challenge! He raised over £1.5 million for Children in Need- what an achievement!

The Digestive System 

Our Science Topic is ‘The Digestive System’ and today we created our own Digestive system.

1st we made a Jam sandwich as the Digestive System starts with food!

Then we cut it into small pieces to represent us chewing our food.

We put the Jam sandwich in a bag to represent the stomach. Then we added water to represent saliva and green food colouring to represent stomach acid.

Then we put the contents of the stomach into the intestine (tights) and pulled it to the bottom of the tights.

Finally, we cut a small hole in the bottom of the tights to represent the anus and squeezed out our poo!

Remembrance Day

This morning, we went to the Eyam Church memorial.  We read the names of all 29 men and thought about how brave they were to fight for their country and how grateful we are for their sacrifice.

Forest School

What an amazing afternoon at Forest School! We used clay to create clay leaves, we played hide and seek and we even got a hot chocolate and a biscuit!

Today we painted our plant pots and planted our Cress. We made sure to spread out the seeds and leave the pots in a place with sunlight. We will also need to remember to water our Cress a little every day.


Our Science experiment! We were investigating whether Cress needs sunlight to grow. We found out that Cress grows rapidly in the dark because it is trying to reach the sunlight. However, it was yellow because it couldn’t get the nutrients from the sun.

Making the most of wet play by showing off our dancing skills!

Our Artwork inspired by Henri Rousseau’s ‘A Tiger in a tropical storm’

Trying the vegetables from our vegetable patch! Some of us enjoyed them more than others but we all tried the beans. Some of us even had a second helping!

Having a look at the new additions to Eyam school- baby chicks! One of them had just hatched. They were so cute and fluffy.

We were very excited to be back at school having fun with our friends! 

Showing off some skipping skills at break time.

Painting Owls for our display

Testing our Growth Mindset skills with some tricky challenges!

Making Roman Numerals with lolly-pop sticks!

Finding our matching numeral!

Today we talked about our dreams and how we could achieve them. Then we made a dream charm.

Home Learning during school closure

Summer Holiday

Derbyshire Summer Staycation

July 13th 2020

Derbyshire School Games – Rugby Primary

Learning from Home Ideas – 13th July – Holidays

Primary Picture News Resource England – 13th July – Holidays

Stay safe whilst playing games online

July 6th 2020

Still not sure? Hear how other parents felt about their children returning to school.

Also this government leaflet provides clear information for parents of primary and secondary school children with answers to some of the key questions around the new safety measures in place for returning to school, and which children are eligible to return.

SSP Activity Challenge 06.07.20

Derbyshire School Games – Racket Sports Primary


June 29th 2020

SSP Activity Challenge 29 06 20

Derbyshire School Games Boccia Primary

First News 732

June 22nd 2020

Worship from Mike “Rain & Shine”

Monday 22nd June 2020

Free Online Reading Books

Harper Collins are offering free online books, go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

and click Login to view the books

Dance Around the World

Active Derbyshire  and the Derbyshire SGO Network have worked in partnership to develop a series of free dance resources that are aimed at KS1 pupils (although KS2 and foundation children may also enjoy taking part). “Dance Around the World” resources comprise of a video of approx. 10 minutes which includes a warm up, dance routine (linked to a country) and a simple worksheet to accompany each dance.



Learning from Home Ideas – 22nd June – Zoos Primary

Picture News Resource England – 22nd June – Zoos

June 15th 2020

SSP Activity Challenge Week 2

real PE info

Derbyshire School Games Gymnastics Primary

Primary Picture News Resource England – 15th June – Managing Money

Learning from Home Ideas – 15th June – Managing Money

Thinkuknow – Advice on staying safe online

June 8th 2020

Derbyshire School Games – An Introduction to Cricket

Picture News

British Values – 8th June Picture News at Home – 8th June Picture News Paper – 8th June

Picture News Resource England – 8th June

Resource 1 – 8th June

Resource 2 – 8th June

Assembly Resource – 8th June

Learning from Home Ideas – 8th June

Picture News Prompt 1 – 8th June



Picture News Prompt 2 – 8th June

Celebrities leading learning through BBC bitesize! https://blog.kidadl.com/articles/bbc-bitesize-celebrity-learning-scheme

Eating Disorders & Lockdown – how to help

Free and fun online learning

Get ready to get SILLY! It’s almost time for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge – click here to read all about it

Active Derbyshire have some great ideas to keep fit fun – Derbyshire School Games – Athletics Primary

Picture News

Assembly Resource – 1st June

British Values – 1st June

Picture News at Home – 1st June

Picture News Paper – 1st June

Picture News Resource England – 1st June

Resource 1 – 1st June

Resource 2 – 1st June


Learning from Home Ideas – 1st June

Learning from Home Ideas – 1st June

MoneyPicture News Prompt 1

Picture News Prompt 2

May 18th

A hello message from our Rector Mike especially for YOU!

Hello from Mike

Hi Owls. I really hope you are all fit and well. I have devised some balloon fitness challenges for you all to do at home. Maybe you can do them with your family. I have created a YouTube channel so you can see the video (it is too big to load onto seesaw).

Click here for the Balloon Challenge video and join in the fun …..

Let me know what you think and send me some of your own fitness inventions for the next video…

Stay safe

Mrs Gaywood


Physics/Science resources ……

Picture News



Home Activity Challenges Week 5

Musical brass challenges – please upload a sample of your playing to See saw so we can show Mr Burge! Well done Owls 🙂

Wider Opportunities activity sheet 19.05.20

May 14th 

Hi Owls! Miss Tann here, hope you are all doing well. Here is an update with some additional activities for you. I have attached an ebook resource from Twinkl below called ‘The Wyrmstooth Crown’ which I think you will enjoy. There is the online story then plenty of activities for English and Maths as well as Art and Design technology so it should last you until June. I would recommend doing the BBC Bitesize daily lessons in English and Maths as well as continuing with your maths workbook and weekly times table test as well as regular reading and daily exercise. I have attached new weekly spellings to take you up to half term and I will continue to update them after half term.  I will also continue to update Seesaw weekly with new activities.

Remember to keep calm, always try your best and have fun!

I am thinking about you and missing you all!

Love from Miss Tann 🙂


Year 4 Home learning spelling 2

Year 3 Home learning spellings 2

May 11th

There will not be a Newsletter this week as we make plans to reopen school in line with the new announcements. There is a County Lead Strategic Group who are meeting later in the week and we’ve been requested to wait for their instructions before making any more local decisions.

Thank you for contributing to our recognition of VE Day – the union hearts look lovely fluttering in the breeze.

First News is being emailed to you as usual.

4th May 2020

Derbyshire County Council have updated their links for parents and suggest here a range of activities including computing, wider reading and art prompts, online puzzles, musical activities and links to the National Geographic and EYFS apps AND a 30 day lego challenge – activities for children and young people

Active Derbyshire have some Football themed challenges this week to have a go at Derbyshire School Games Football Primary

Super physics ideas to try at home….. with a fun explanation! (sent from one of the Governors!) DO try this at home!

Click here for this weeks newsletter 04.05.20

Picture News VE Day  – see the poster below then they have set some challenges Picture News Special Resource – VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020

  This week its a special one about Captain Tom who has just celebrated his 100th Birthday whilst raising millions for the NHS  here are the links along with an opportunity to design your own newspaper report and sen d it in to Picture News  Picture_News_-_Captain_Tom_Moore_Special_and_newspaper_challenge!

There are also online Assemblies each week from Picture News – we will be trying this one in School this week!

You may have heard about the Oak Academy which has just launched online learning – the invited the Archbishop of Canterbury to lead their first Assembly – he is part way through

Well that’s a lot of pictorial updates – the hyperlinks have turned into pictures like this now, I think Picture News have tried to make them easier to upload?

Seesaw continues to be popular with the children and staff – we are very impressed with your contributions.

Keep up with the Maths and Literacy on Bitesize or Mastery or the books we’ve sent home – as well as your exercise and with helping Mum and Dad at home too!

29th April 2020

This weeks newsletter dated 27th April 2020

Active Derbyshires suggested activity for the week – School Games Golf

PE Home Activity Challenges wk3

T20 Cricket Game

Poppy doing her music practice!

To all my lovely students and their families.

Miss Tann here, I hope you had a lovely Easter break and managed to enjoy some of the wonderful weather we have been having. All of Owl class (Year 3 and 4) learning will now be posted to this page. I will update it weekly with a variety of activities, some can be completed online and others are practical activities. Mr. Rignall will also be uploading Spanish work for the children to complete. You can upload pictures of your children’s work and activities in response to the work set and this way I can view the work and leave comments. Please continue doing the weekly times table test that is on Twinkl- if you go onto Twinkl and type in the search bar- KS2 Ultimate times table challenge it is the 1st one. Please also make sure your child is familiar with the spelling of all the non negotiable spellings that are attached on the website and encourage them to read daily. New weekly spellings should be posted below. New maths work books and reading books will be ready to collect from school from tomorrow (22nd of April). This is all very new to us all so please don’t worry if it takes a bit of time getting used to it. To all my students, I am missing and thinking of you all. School has been very quiet without you! Please try and stay calm, be resilient and enjoy spending time with your siblings and parents.

Any problems please let school know. We are all in this together and we will support you as much as we can.

Many thanks,

Miss Tann

Home learning work

I know some of you are struggling to access Seesaw.  Please do not worry. Continue to do regular reading, times table rock-stars, the weekly times table test– Twinkl- KS2 ultimate times table test and practise the non negotiable spellings that are attached below. New weekly spellings are below. Maths workbooks and new reading books are at school ready for parents to collect. Focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. For writing, it would be a good idea to do a creative piece of writing each week. I have found that it helps to give the children a picture to inspire their writing. Pobble 365 has a new photo each day with story starters and questions so I would use this as a starting point. Use the success criteria below to go through with them what to include before writing and then check off after finishing what they have included. Children should then spend some time editing and improving their work to meet all of the success criteria.  BBC Bitesize will also have daily lessons covering maths, English and other core subjects from 9am on Monday 20th.  They are new every day and are presented by some famous faces.   There are also ideas for art, PE, Spanish and Science. It would be a great idea to look at life cycles and reproduction as this links to habitats that we have done previously.  That will be plenty to keep you busy so please don’t worry 🙂

Writing Success criteria 

Y3/Y4- Spell all non-negotiable words correctly- correct them if not.

Y3: 1. Make sure sentences are not longer than 2-3 lines.  2. Use an exclamation mark and a question mark. 3. Use inverted commas “ ” for direct speech. 4. Use a range of adjectives and adverbs.

Y4: – 1. Use fronted adverbials- First, That morning, On the spaceship. 2. Use connectives- however, because, therefore. 3. Use inverted commas “ ” for direct speech.  4.Use a simile and/ or metaphor. 5. Use commas and apostrophes. 6.  Use a range of interesting adjectives and adverbs.

Home learning spellings

I have attached 3 weeks worth of spellings for Year 3 and 4 below. Please encourage children to practise for 10 minutes each day and test them at the end of each week. Please also continue to practise the non negotiable spellings as these are words all children need to be spelling correctly.

year 4 home spellings

Year 3 home learning spellings 

Non negoitable spellings

April 20th

School Newsletter 20 April

Please do send in your Seesaw permission so we can send you the invite! and remember books can be collected and swapped from Wednesday this week.

If you fancy a change or a challenge – parents can join in too!


The email from Mrs Mason has ALL the activity links to the paper  

Four Stories

L1 Crossword

L2 Crossword

Mystery News


News and Pics

STEM website – this has just been updated to include activities for learning at home


…. and finally all your fabulous eggs Owl Class Eggs

April the 13th 2020

Here is this weeks Newsletter with live links April 13th Newsletter and also please see this useful booklet to help your childrens welfare at this difficult time Look After Your Wellbeing

April 6th Happy Easter! 

Here is the most recent Newsletter which was emailed to families last night

Newsletter parents week 3 April 6th Easter

We hope you are out enjoying the fresh air! Do send in some pictures of what you’ve been up to at home.

 remember lots of great activities in the newspaper link – emailed from Mrs Mason

Picture News  Primary Picture News Resource England – 6th April – Animals in the Wild       Learning from Home Ideas – 6th April – Animals in the Wild

This weeks sporty ideas from the Sports Partnership HVC Activity Adventure Guide

Links to help you talk about Covidwith your children   COVID-19 Information for Younger Children V.2           coping_calendar

Enjoy singing? – This is  alink to POP UK  Kids at home[2]

March 30th update

Picture News this week is all about staying positive – with discussion questions see website  Learning from Home Ideas –   Picture News Prompt 1

Can you write a letter to a relative you can’t see at the moment or friends of the family to share what you are doing at home.

First News this week is a whole child friendly newspaper with activities – see website for links

FIRSTNEWS_719 L1-Crossword-719

This book about the virus is in the form of a poem https://www.flipsnack.com/CSKidsBooks/what-s-going-on.html

A wonderful resource for ALL of you – online magazines and books with interactive quizzes and articles – many non fiction! https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html

Daily story time with David Walliams


Take a tour of a famous museum  https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours

Join over 1 million people who are starting the day with Joe Wicks’ daily work out

We are using this at school and many children in the Peaks are using this as their daily wake up task!


OR use go noodle.com for exercise routines – Mrs Gaywood recommends these as they really get you thinking too!


End your afternoon with some yoga or relaxation

Smilingmind can be downloaded or played from computers or as an app – it’s a daily relaxation session https://www.cosmickids.com/category/watch/

Here are some ideas about how to keep fit – from Mrs Gaywood  PE -Eyam home-activity-challenges week 2

NEW Monday 23rd March

First News have given all pupils access to the Newspaper – the same one that we get into school each week – so please read it! There are also the comprehension and some quiz activities that will be uploaded each week. First-News-718Paper   Four-Stories-718    L1-Crossword-718    L2-LOOK-CLOSER-718    Mystery-News-718 News-Pics-718

We will up load this each week once we’ve received it.

Oxford Owls have a library full of online books – happy reading! You will need to log in as a parent and its free.  https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/

To support families during school closure our teachers are planning a range of material for you to use at home.

Initially we have put together ideas that will take you to the end of the Easter break including lots of lovely Easter activities.

Note- you do not have to print the worksheets off. Do the working out and write the answers in homework books.

Twinkl LOG IN

Twinkl are offering all families free membership for 2 months so children can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do – go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Picture News is a wonderful resource with a topical photograph/picture prompt and fabulous discussion topics for the whole family!


Here are some ideas for activities to do at home.  Please encourage lots of reading, creative writing/ diary keeping, and regular times table practice.

Use www.twinkl.co.uk/offfer Code- UKTWINKLHELPS


SPAG/Writing KS2-Twinkl recommends- School closure home learning- English workbooks.

Encourage creative writing and/ or writing a diary as well as the reading comprehension activities you can find on Twinkl.

Spellings Non-negotiable spellings (see link)  Non negoitable spellings all children need to learn so please test and practice. If your child uses Nessy phonics their username and password is written in the front of their homework book. I would suggest for them to be using Nessy at least 5 times a week for 10 minutes-15 minutes each time.

Reading- Daily- discuss the story- summarise what has happened so far and what they predict will happen next. Use dictionaries to find the definition of words they are unsure of.


Multiplication and Division KS2-Twinkl recommends- School closure home learning- LKS2 Twinkl- home school learning-math’s workbooks- Year 3 Multiplication and Division workbooks or Year 4 Multiplication and Division home learning activity booklet.

Times Tables KS2-Twinkl recommends- School closure home learning- LKS2 Twinkl- home school learning- Times stables- KS2 ultimate times table sheet. 10 minutes independent then mark. Practice ones they got wrong and see if they can improve on their score the following week. (x1 weekly).

Times Table rock stars – log in written in front of homework book. Ring school if you cannot find it .

Y4- Times table books- 10 minutes per page.

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ This is a great website for maths games that I use a lot in the classroom. I would suggest Daily 10, coconut multiples, hit the button and Super Maths Bowling multiplication.


Vikings See link. Choose one activity per week. We have done lots of work on Norse Mythology and longboats so I would suggest activities linked to these. vikings home learning


Try to keep fit – set your self some daily challenges and get out into the fresh air!

Staff will be updating this page for the new half term – good luck with learning at home!

Spring 2- This term we are learning about the Vikings! Keep posted for our updates. Below is this terms spellings and an overview of what we are going to be learning.

     year 3 spellings spring 2      year 4 spellings spring 2

viking topic web final

                                                                       Topic- Vikings!

To start our Viking topic off, we learnt  what BC and AD means. We know the Vikings era was from  793 AD to 1066 AD so they were around after Christ was born. We made a timeline all the way from the Dinosaur era to Modern day- that’s a time span of around 250 million years!

Today we found out that the Vikings had their very own alphabet! We enjoyed writing our Viking name and decoding secret Viking messages!

We looked in atlases and in maps to find out where there homelands were and where they settled.

We had so much fun making our very own Viking longboat in the playground! Did you know longboats were 18 meters long and could fit over 40 Vikings in them!?

Science- Rocks!

Today we started off our new Science topic of Rocks by looking at various different rocks and thinking about how we could describe them. We had to describe the rock to our partner in lots of detail so they could draw a picture of it without seeing it. We were very impressed with the final results!


World Book day!

What an amazing day celebrating the joy of reading. We created our own book cover, talked about our favourite books and read with the Squirrels and Hedgehogs.

 Spring 1- This term we will be learning all about the Polar Regions.  See the links below for this terms spellings and for an outline of everything we will be learning.

spellings spring 1 year 3

spellings spring 1 year 4

Polar Regions Spring 1 topic web   

Doing some research on the North and South Pole to start out Polar Regions topic!

For our science topic of ‘Living things and their habitats’ we looked for habitats in the school grounds. We found that our school is home to many habitats and animals.


Testing our multiplication and division knowledge with a board game.


What a performance! Playing the trumpet and trombone in front of the whole school and parents.

Having some fun with maths!

In Design and Technology we created our very own habitat: a bird box!

We had so much fun and they all looked great.


Read all about our topic for this half term and find out what we are going to be learning!  Plague topic web final  

Autumn 1- Plague. This term we will be learning all about the Plague in Eyam.

 Our Science Topic this term was healthy living. We loved making fruity, delicious snacks!

In maths this term we have been learning all about place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication.  We enjoyed doing lots of active maths.

Our human number-line!

Making Roman numerals with our bodies!


We had to be quick to get the factors of our number.


Forest School

Working as a team to build a raft.

 Autumn 2- This term we will be learning about Inspirational Women.

Today we met Eleanor a professional belly dancer! She told us all how important it is to follow your dreams and do what you love.  We even had a go ourselves!

Today in art we painted poppy landscapes to remember all those who died in WW2.

Today we had to use our maths problem solving skills to discover who stole our mascot Arty the Owl. We then had to figure out where he was. Thankfully we found him and returned him to his rightful spot in the reading corner.


This term we took part in a football and basketball tournament at Hope Valley College. We loved learning new skills and working together. GO TEAM!


This morning we were feeling very festive making our Christmas decorations. We made a pom-pom bauble, a reindeer and a Christmas tree card.


In RE we have been discussing the Story of Noah. Today we worked together to build our very own ark. We had to think carefully about how we designed our ark as it had to float,be waterproof and carry the animals safely.


Challenge Week

During PSHE this half-term we have been talking about challenging ourselves and setting goals. As part of this we participated in a challenge week, where each day Miss McGloin set us a different challenge encouraging us to ‘challenge ourselves’ and work well as a team. The challenges included raft making, seeing who could make the tallest Eiffel Tower out of newspaper, an Owl class Escape room, a treasure hunt; and that was just the start!

We had great fun challenging ourselves!

 Making French Toast

As part of our European Study we have had a go at making French Food. As a class we all had a turn at preparing the ingredients to make Parmesan and Garlic French Toast. The recipe was a hit for most of the class! If you would like to try the recipe at home, then just ask as we have a range of recipes for you to follow, written by the children!

East Midlands Aeropark

 During our recent school trip, we went to visit East Midlands Aeropark. Whilst we were there we had the opportunity to watch planes taking off from East Midlands Airport, visit the cockpit of an aeroplane and explore the buttons that the pilots have to use to fly the plane, look onboard a Spy Plane (some of us even had the chance to be spies and have a go on the spy computers!), look at a rescue helicopter (and we had a go on the harness that has previously saved lots of people’s lives) and that was just the beginning!

The Halle

 Last week we had the opportunity to visit Derby Arena to watch and perform with the Halle Orchestra.  During our Fife lessons we have been learning a series of songs to perform all linked with the topic of ‘Space’, to celebrate 50 years since mans first landing on the moon. We had lots of fun and we were very inspired by the amazing musicians performing in the orchestra. Here are some pictures of us having fun, playing our fifes.

French Café

In Owl Class we have been learning all about France. Last week, our classroom turned into a French Café and we tried lots of different French foods, including: croissants, brioche (with custard and raisins), baguette, pain au chocolate, hot chocolate and orange juice.  Although, before we were allowed any of the food we had to ask for it in French! Please quiz your children to see if they can remember the names of the different French foods!

Summer 2Our European Neighbours

This term we are really looking forward to learning about  ‘Our European Neighbours’. We going to be learning all about Europe, by finding it on a map, identify its countries and their popular landmarks.

We will also be learning about France and their culture and be continuing to learn French with Mrs Pritzlaff. So far we have had lots of fun learning French including lots of fun songs and games. Thankyou to Mrs Pritzlaff for giving up her time to come and help us!

We will be very busy this half term with lots of enrichment activities including a trip to the Aeropark, where we will have the opportunity to look inside aeroplanes and a helicopter and get to see the planes take off on East Midlands Runway, a trip to the Halle where we will be performing what we have learnt during our weekly Fife lessons, a ‘Challenge Week’ where we will be challenging ourselves in a range of activities and our French morning where we will be trying some foods that children would eat for breakfast in France.

Have a look at ‘Our European Neighbours’ Topic Web  to see more about what we will be learning about!

Look at our new reading books!

May 2019

Aren’t we lucky!

This week we were lucky to have a delivery of lots of new exciting books by a range of authors including, David Walliams, Darcey Bussell, Tom McLaughlin, Phillip Pullman, Rachel Renee Russel, P.G Bell and C. S Lewis. We would like to thank the PTFA for their donation.

We are definitely going to have fun reading them!

Summer 1- The War Against Plastic

This term we are going to be learning about the important topic of ‘The War Against Plastic’. We are going to be looking at the size and impact of the problem, how much plastic we create in an average week, how we can recycle and upcycle our waste efficiently and what we can do to help the big problem.

Have a look at our ‘The War Against Plastic’ Topic Web  to see more about what we will be learning about!

See the source image

Spring 2- Chocolate 

This term we will be learning about chocolate including the journey chocolate takes from bean to bar, the impact buying Fairtrade chocolate has on the farmers, where chocolate comes from, how chocolate is made and writing about all things chocolate. Click here to have a look at our topic web to see exactly what we will be learning about!

Chocolate Topic Web

Eyam Book Day!

February 2019

We had a fantastic day celebrating ‘Eyam Book Day’ dressed up as our favourite book characters. Also, we were lucky to have a visit from author Angela Cottle who inspired us to have a go at writing our own poems, stories and reports all linked to the theme of water. Children are encouraged to type their work up at home, as there is the opportunity to have their work published as part of a young writer’s competition. Further details will follow in a letter that will be sent home.

Have a look at our amazing outfits!


January 2019

Welcome back, and a Happy New Year! 

We have had a brilliant start to the new term in Owl Class. We have been reading Fairytales and have even had the opportunity to write our own, with a twist! Also, we have been designing and baking ginger bread men just like the little old lady and little old man in the ‘Ginger Bread Man’. Here are some pictures of us at work.


Spring 1

This term our topic is ‘Fairytales and Myths’. Click here to view our Fairytales and Myths Topic Web to have a look at what we will be learning about!


                                                                                                                                              December 2018  

This month we have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Merry Christmas from us all in Owl Class!

Our Trip to Manchester 

We had a fantastic day in Manchester.  Whilst we were there, we were able to go on a tour of the city allowing us to see lots of different places including Manchester Victoria Train Station, Manchester Cathedral, Manchester University Library, the Christmas Markets, the Peoples History Museum and even got to walk across the glass bridge and see out across Manchester.

Mrs Ridgeway worked out that we walked over 6 miles on the day!

Have a look at our pictures to see what we got up to!


Autumn 2

This half term our topic is ‘Magnificent Manchester’.

Click here to have a look at our topic web to see exactly what we will be learning about!


Over the last half-term we have been singing with Mr Tinker on a Tuesday afternoon. Last week we performed for Hedgehogs and some of our parents. We have had lots of fun learning new songs, especially Funky Chicken!

Thank you Mr Tinker. 

Our Finished Victorian Toys!

The Big Reveal!

This week we had the exciting opening of our outdoor area!

Memory Games

In Owl Class we have been playing a range of games to help us develop our memory skills.


This week in our science lesson we have been learning about our teeth and their functions. We enjoyed modelling clay to mould our own teeth.

It was clear that we had some budding dentists and sculptors amongst us!

The Victorians

In topic lessons we have been learning about The Victorian era. We have been researching what toys Victorian children would have played with and have had fun playing with and making replicas of the Victorian toys.

We are currently designing our own toys and games using our design and technology skills.

Keep your eyes peeled for the final product! 

The Digestive System

In science we have been learning about the digestive system. We had fun drawing around each other, labelling the digestive organs in our bodies and explaining their functions.

Welcome to Miss McGloin our new Class Teacher and all the children who are in Owl Class.


Autumn Term 1

This half term our topic is ‘The Victorians’.

Click here to have a look at our topic web to see exactly what we will be learning about!

March 2018

This term our topic is The Stone Age. Find out more by looking at our topic web.

owlClass Topic Spring 2 The Stone Age

Spelling Lists  TERM 4

We were very fortunate to get tickets to see the Hallé orchestra play at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. The theme was nature. We listened to lots of beautiful pieces of music and had the opportunity to sing with the Hallé too!

World book day this year has been eventful, with visits from illustrator Martin Olsson and author Angela Cottle. We have also been sharing our favourite books and writing to authors and publishers.

February 2018

Owl class had a visit from PCBoswell who talked to us about road safety and from MrPoke of Bradwell bowling club who taught us how to bowl. We learnt a lot and had fun too.

January 2018

Our topic this term is about Space. Have a look at our topic web to find out more.

Owl Class Topic Spring 1 Space

Owl Class Spellings Term 3

December 2017

We are getting ready for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you all!

November 2017

Our local history topic this term has been a lot of fun and we have learnt a lot from local historians and manufacturers about shoemaking now and in the past in our local community.

We visited a local shoe factory and saw how shoes are made now.

and we visited Eyam hall and learnt about boot polishing, rug making and washing day in Edwardian times. We also had a visit from a local historian who talked to us about the shoemaker’s strike in 1918.

We have our very own parents guide to encouraging motivated and independent readers  – Reading Booklet 2017

Suggested reading books for Year 3

Suggested reading books for Year 4

November 2017

This year owl class are learning to play the violin. Here we are tightening our bows.

October 2017

Our topic for this half term is about shoes and shoemaking  now and in the past. Take a look at our topic web to find out more.

owlClass Topic Autumn 2 shoes 2017-18

September 2017

Hello and welcome to the start of our new school year. We have only been back at school for two weeks and already so much has happened! Our new topic this half term is Africa and we will be writing to a school in Burkina Faso. In science we are learning about bones and muscles. Find out more by looking at our topic web below.

owlClass Topic Autumn 1 2017-18 

owl class spellings TERM 1

We talked about the importance of reading, wrote book reviews and made our own book marks.

 Owls Class 2017-18

We have even had a visit from Valley Park School – Mr Wright’s new school. Owl class children were super guides, taking the children and their teachers around Eyam School and telling them all about it.

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