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21st September 2020

Please see below the year group letters which are coming home today with details of your child’s spellings/homework for the remainder of the term 🙂

Y2 Spellings Autumn 1 2020 Reception Homework Autumn 1 2020 Y1 Homework Autumn 1 2020

14th September 2020

Please see below the class letter sent out last week- a bit more info about our class and “Talk, Listen and Ask” 🙂

Letter 1, Welcome Sept 2020

8th September 2020

Hello and Welcome to the Autumn Term! 🙂

It is lovely to be back in school with some of Hedgehog Class. Today we have begun our exciting new Topic “Tropical Rainforest”; we will be learning all about the Amazon’s plants, animals, weather and geography, using globes, atlases and stories. We will spend time reading, writing, painting, sewing and of course playing outside- whatever the weather!

To find out more please see our Topic Web below:

Hedgehogs Tropical Rainforest Topic Web Autumn 1 2020

We look forward to welcoming Reception on Thursday and to a successful term of learning 🙂

Mrs McGuire and Mrs Jones

Welcome to our new Hedgehog Class for 2019-20


Summer Holiday


Derbyshire Summer Staycation

Monday 13th July 2020











Derbyshire School Games – Rugby Primary

Primary Picture News Resource England – 13th July – Holidays

Learning from Home Ideas – 13th July – Holidays

Stay safe whilst playing games online

Monday 6th July 2020

Still not sure? Hear how other parents felt about their children returning to school.

Also this government leaflet provides clear information for parents of primary and secondary school children with answers to some of the key questions around the new safety measures in place for returning to school, and which children are eligible to return.


SSP Activity Challenge 06.07.20

Derbyshire School Games – Racket Sports Primary


Monday 29th June 2020

Good Morning Hedgehogs! It’s Mrs McGuire here again, hoping you are well and ready for another busy week of learning, whether you’re in school, at home, or a combination of both. I hope you are still finding time to do a little reading, writing, exercise and number work each day.

In school each class is having a daily worship session in their room; we have been looking at some lovely things on the whiteboard including weekly videos with songs, interviews and reflection made by the Church of England. Last week’s had the theme of “Kindness”, and you may like to watch it with your family:


The part which interested me the most was the “Letters for Creation” project, where young people are being invited to write letters or make artworks reflecting on what caring for our planet means to them. This is a chance to be creative, have your voice heard and possibly be part of a travelling exhibition!

So this week, please have a look at the information online and have a go at planning and creating your own project:


Good luck. Love Mrs McGuire x

SSP Activity Challenge 29 06 20

Derbyshire School Games Boccia Primary

Worship from Mike “Rain & Shine”

Monday 22nd June 2020

Free Online Reading Books

Harper Collins are offering free online books, go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter:

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

and click Login to view the books


Dance Around the World

Active Derbyshire  and the Derbyshire SGO Network have worked in partnership to develop a series of free dance resources that are aimed at KS1 pupils (although KS2 and foundation children may also enjoy taking part). “Dance Around the World” resources comprise of a video of approx. 10 minutes which includes a warm up, dance routine (linked to a country) and a simple worksheet to accompany each dance.























Learning from Home Ideas – 22nd June – Zoos Primary

Picture News Resource England – 22nd June – Zoos


Hello Hedgehogs, I hope you are doing well and have enjoyed a relaxing weekend. Well done to those of you working hard at home! Keep going with some exercise- I am enjoying Just Dance and Joe Wicks at the moment- and make sure you are reading every day. You could look at magazines and fact books as well as stories. As ever, the Hamilton Trust website is also a great place to look for daily maths and English activities:


Whole Class Topic Activity

This week, I have found a lovely “Nature Detective” activity for you from the Woodland Trust website:

Pretend to be nature pirates

How much hidden loot can you fit in your miniature treasure chest? Search for tiny natural items in your garden and see who can fit the most inside a matchbox or other small container. Look out for mini discarded snail shells, tiny twigs, small shiny pebbles and little petals and leaves. Set a time limit and see who will be the winner!

Matchbox Treasure

Once you have collected your items, you could play all sorts of games with them- for example, a memory game, where your partner looks the items for 5 seconds and then you hide one and they have to guess which item has gone.

You could also make artworks or write stories inspired by one of your treasures. Who lived inside the tiny shell? Where have they gone? Let your imagination run wild!

Mrs McGuire x




Monday 22nd June 2020
















SSP Activity Challenge

Derbyshire School Games Sports Day Primary

National School Sports Week at Home Activities


Monday 15th June 2020

Hello Hedgehogs! It is lovely to see some of you back in school- a big “welcome” to Sebastian and Jude in Y2 and Y1- it is great to have you in class 🙂

We are missing those of you still learning at home and we are thinking about you lots. Well done for trying so hard- keep reading, exercising and using the Hamilton Trust resources every day. We love looking at See Saw to see your achievements!

Whole Class Topic Activity

Well done for working hard on your writing. This week, I’d like you to have a go at an acrostic poem– look up what these are first and see if you can find and copy any good examples. Then, choose a word connected to our Topic- it could be Frogspawn, Cocoon or Amphibian for example. Use the letters from your word to start each line, until you have written a lovely poem! Try to use some fabulous adjectives and adverbs too. If you have been using See Saw then you could learn your poem and make a recording of yourself reading it aloud.

You could also create some illustrations for your poems using pencil, charcoal or paint.

Good luck! Mrs McGuire x













real PE info

Derbyshire School Games Gymnastics Primary

Primary Picture News Resource England – 15th June – Managing Money

Learning from Home Ideas – 15th June – Managing Money

Thinkuknow – Advice on staying safe online


Monday 8th June 2020

Good morning Hedgehogs. I hope you’re all well. I can’t tell you how excited all the other teachers and I are to welcome some of you back into school this week! We are of course disappointed that we can’t see you all, but we hope that time will come soon.

If you are still learning from home then well done, and keep going! You are doing brilliantly. We love seeing what you get up to on See Saw and we will continue to post activities and messages for you. This week, once again please continue to do lots of reading and phonics practise, get out in the fresh air (even if it’s raining!) and look on the Hamilton Trust website for downloadable daily lessons in English and Maths:


I have another little challenge for you to have a go at too…

Whole Class Topic Activity

It is a while since we have had the chance to use a dictionary in Hedgehogs! To kick-start our new summer Topic, this week I’d like you to have a look in a dictionary (or online) and find and copy the definitions for some new words, drawing illustrations for each word:

habitat             life cycle         minibeast           amphibian          chrysalis       

Next, can you write a sentence using each of these words? Make sure you use capital letters, finger spaces, interesting adjectives and . , ! ?

Finally, can you imagine what it would feel like to be a creature changing into something beautiful inside a chrysalis? Write a story using the first person pronoun “I” to explain…

I can’t wait to read your work! Mrs McGuire x


Derbyshire School Games – An Introduction to Cricket


Picture News

British Values – 8th June Picture News at Home – 8th June Picture News Paper – 8th June

Picture News Resource England – 8th June

Resource 1 – 8th June

Resource 2 – 8th June

Assembly Resource – 8th June

Learning from Home Ideas – 8th June

Picture News Prompt 1 – 8th June



Picture News Prompt 2 – 8th June


Celebrities leading learning through BBC bitesize! https://blog.kidadl.com/articles/bbc-bitesize-celebrity-learning-scheme

Eating Disorders & Lockdown – how to help

Free and fun online learning


Get ready to get SILLY! It’s almost time for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge – click here to read all about it

Active Derbyshire have some great ideas to keep fit fun – Derbyshire School Games – Athletics Primary


Picture News

Assembly Resource – 1st June

British Values – 1st June

Picture News at Home – 1st June

Picture News Paper – 1st June

Picture News Resource England – 1st June

Resource 1 – 1st June

Resource 2 – 1st June



Learning from Home Ideas – 1st June

Learning from Home Ideas – 1st June

MoneyPicture News Prompt 1

Picture News Prompt 2


Monday 1st of June 2020

Hello Hedgehogs, it’s Mrs McGuire here. I hope you’ve had a lovely half term break- what a lot of sunshine we have had! I’ve been enjoying chasing baby Hermione as she crawls around the park, taking her for walks and baking yummy cakes. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in school very soon but hope that you are ready for some more home learning too. It is a shame we can’t open school back up properly yet but I know you will all be working hard and enjoying time with your families.

Well done to those of you using See Saw- there will be more activities posted online this week and we can’t wait to see your pictures, messages and videos. What a great response to our Time Capsule activity! As well as these, and the Topic activity below, please make sure you are still reading and exercising every day. Phonics Play is a good place to look for Phonics games, and I strongly recommend that Y1s and 2s also download the free weekly Home Learning packs for Maths and English from the Hamilton Trust website. These provide daily “lessons” for each subject:



Whole Class Topic Activity

This week, I’d like you to do some more research with your grown-ups about plants. Can you find one which grows nearby and is definitely edible? For example, mint, wild garlic, rhubarb, stinging nettles or elderflower. Find and copy some facts about this plant- what does it look like? Which part is good to eat? How is it traditionally eaten? Then, use books or the internet to find and copy a recipe using it- for example soup, cordial or even a cake!

Next, when you are in your garden or on a walk, hunt for and pick some of this plant (if your grown-up thinks it is OK to do so). Then use the recipe to weigh out your ingredients and create the finished dish- we would love to see some photos and hear whether you would recommend it! Y1s and 2s could use some time connectives to write instructions explaining how they made their tasty creation. Good luck, and happy cooking!

Mrs McGuire x


Monday 18th May 2020

A hello message from our Rector Mike especially for YOU!

Hello from Mike

Well done for another week of hard work learning from home Hedgehogs- I love seeing what you get up to on See Saw!

I have been thinking about what a strange and unique time we are living in, and how in years to come children will be taught about “lockdown” and “Coronavirus” in History lessons. I wonder how you will remember this time? This is the theme of this week’s Topic activity, and it might be fun to continue working on it during Half Term, too…

Lockdown Time Capsule

I would like you create a “Time Capsule” of memories, to hide away and look at in years to come! First, you need to find or make a container for your special Time Capsule. If you plan to keep it inside, perhaps in a cupboard, then you could decorate an old shoe box; alternatively, you could bury the capsule in the garden, in which case you will need a waterproof, airtight container like a large tin or jar.

Then, I would like you to make, find or collect a range of special things to put inside it:

  • A photograph of yourself and your household during lockdown- including pets! On a separate piece of paper, you could record everybody’s names and ages.
  • A diary entry from one day this week, with the date and times recorded- what did you do at 9am? 2pm? Did you do some home learning? What did you enjoy? How were you feeling? Y1s and 2s should try to use lots of exciting adjectives. Receptions might draw pictures.
  • A shopping list or till receipt from the supermarket of all the things you needed one week.
  • The front page of a newspaper or magazine.
  • A letter to yourself in the future. Write about what you are enjoying about being at home and what you are missing. Ask some questions to the grown-up YOU!
  • A clean box or wrapper left over from your favourite lockdown snack- mine would be Malted Milk Biscuits 🙂
  • A weather chart for the week- keep a dated record of the weather for seven days, commenting on the temperature, cloud coverage, and whether there was any rain.
  • A painting or drawing of something positive- for example, a rainbow, a big smiley face, or a nurse working hard.

When you have collected all of the above items (and maybe a few extras) you need to carefully place them in your container, hiding it away to look at some time in the future.

What an exciting day that will be! Enjoy. Love from Mrs McGuire

Picture_News_e-resource_18th-24th_May_–_Where_we_live has lots of discussion ideas to keep you busy with family and older siblings can join in too.

Mrs Gaywood has reminded us all to keep fit – easier now the weather has warmed up again!

Home Activity Challenges Week 5 Home Activity Challenges Week 5

Hi Hedgehogs. I really hope you are all fit and well. I have devised some balloon fitness challenges for you all to do at home. Maybe you can do them with your family. I have created a youtube channel so you can see the video (it is too big to load onto seesaw).

Clip and paste this link into your web browser and join in the fun …..

Link for Youtube video “Balloon Challenge”


Let me know what you think and send me some of your own fitness inventions for the next video…

Stay safe

Mrs Gaywood


Monday 11th May 2020

Hello Hedgehogs and well done for getting out and exploring all the beautiful trees coming into leaf at the moment. It was great to see some of your family games too! I hope you have had a good week and you’re trying to read every day and have a go at some exercise, maths, making, baking and other fun home learning activities- we are sharing ideas on See Saw regularly. All the teachers are missing you in school but we are enjoying being outside here too.

Whole Class Topic Activity

This week I have another outdoor Science challenge for you. I’d like you to pick a special spot in your garden or in the woods or a field on your walk. It could be a square meter of grass, soil, or the space underneath a big rock or log- ask a grown up to help! How many minibeasts can you find? Are there any worms? Beetles? Woodlice? Make a chart to tick off all the living things you find, and draw pictures too. Some of them you might not recognise, so on another day you could use books or the internet to identify them, and find out some information about them. Which minibeasts are native to the UK? What do they eat? Were any of the things you found babies or larvae, and how will they change as they grow into adult minibeasts? Y1s and 2s could make illustrated fact pages about their favourite minibeasts. Good luck, and happy searching! Mrs McGuire x

There will not be a Newsletter this week as we make plans to reopen school in line with the new announcements. There is a County Lead Strategic Group who are meeting later in the week and we’ve been requested to wait for their instructions before making any more local decisions.

  Thank you for taking part in our recognition of VE Day – the hearts look lovely fluttering in the breeze.

There are some good discussion ideas in the Picture News article about Captain Tom and his epic walk and fundraising for the NHS.


Monday 4th May 2020  May the fourth be with you… for all you Star Wars fans!

Hello Hedgehogs, I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Well done for continuing to work hard at home- how much you get done depends on lots of things, like whether your grown-ups need to work too and how motivated you are feeling, but it is great to see that lots of you are getting outside, counting, reading, writing and making. It has been amazing to see your Andy Goldsworthy-inspired artworks- wow! What a lot of different colours, patterns, textures and shapes. This week’s activity is outlined below; remember, you can also use the Hamilton, Twinkl and Phonics Play websites for daily maths and English lessons and games.

Whole Class Topic Activity

This week, I’d like you to carry on thinking about plants. Firstly, can you find the definitions for deciduous and evergreen trees? What is similar about the two groups? What is different? Can you find, draw and label examples of each- especially ones which grow here in the UK? Do deciduous trees have any other names, which might tell you something about them?

Then, when you are on a walk or in the garden see if you can find at least two examples of deciduous and two examples of evergreen trees. Make a rubbing of their bark with a crayon, and collect leaves to make prints or rubbings of at home. Can you name the trees they came from?

You could even make a collage picture using some leaves. Good luck! Love Mrs McGuire 🙂

Sycamore Print


Derbyshire County Council have updated their links for parents and suggest here a range of activities including computing, wider reading and art prompts, online puzzles, musical activities and links to the National Geographic and EYFS apps AND a 30 day lego challenge – activities for children and young people

Active Derbyshire have some Football themed challenges this week to have a go at Derbyshire School Games Football Primary

Super physics ideas to try at home….. with a fun explanation! (sent from one of the Governors!) DO try this at home!












Click here for this weeks newsletter 04.05.20

Picture News VE Day  – see the poster below then they have set some challenges Picture News Special Resource – VE Day 75th Anniversary 2020

  This week its a special one about Captain Tom who has just celebrated his 100th Birthday whilst raising millions for the NHS  here are the links along with an opportunity to design your own newspaper report and sen d it in to Picture News  Picture_News_-_Captain_Tom_Moore_Special_and_newspaper_challenge!

There are also online Assemblies each week from Picture News – we will be trying this one in School this week!

You may have heard about the Oak Academy which has just launched online learning – the invited the Archbishop of Canterbury to lead their first Assembly – he is part way through

Well that’s a lot of pictorial updates – the hyperlinks have turned into pictures like this now, I think Picture News have tried to make them easier to upload?

Seesaw continues to be popular with the children and staff – we are very impressed with your contributions.


Keep up with the Maths and Literacy on Bitesize or Mastery or the books we’ve sent home – as well as your exercise and with helping Mum and Dad at home too!



29th April 2020

This weeks newsletter dated 27th April 2020

Active Derbyshires suggested activity for the week – School Games Golf

PE Home Activity Challenges wk3

Reception Reading & Writing lockdown letter 2

27th April 

Good morning Hedgehog Class, Mrs McGuire here again- I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. It has been great to get to grips with the See Saw website and see lots of you enjoying writing, counting, baking, looking after animals and most of all hunting for flowers outside! Well done for working hard and uploading what you are learning.

Home Learning

Once again this week try to read every day, and have some fresh air and exercise. You should have had an email which explains that the fabulous Hamilton Trust website has Home Learning Packs for Reception, Y1 and 2 to download for free, with daily Maths and English lessons, information and tasks to have a go at:


Scroll down and click on the relevant year group, subject and week to download a pack (for example, “Year 1 English- Week 4”). Y1 and 2 should be on Week 4 now and Reception Week 2. You don’t need to subscribe to the site to access these resources, and you can photograph your work to share on See Saw if you wish.

Reception families should also look out for an email with some more Reading and Writing ideas specific to the Early Years Curriculum.

Hedgehog Whole Class Topic Activity

Well done to those of you who researched the five plants flowering around us at the moment, and for hunting for them on your walks last week. Which was the most common? Did you have a favourite? Did you learn any interesting facts about them? Which were native, and what conditions did they need to survive? And, most importantly, did you tally up a final count for the points you earned spotting them?!

This week, if you have access to the internet I’d like you to research an artist who works with nature- Andy Goldsworthy. What does Goldsworthy use to create his artworks? Why are they special? What do you notice about them? Next, when you are in the garden or on a walk, I’d like you to collect some natural objects- twigs, fallen leaves, pebbles, long grass- to make your own Goldsworthy-inspired artwork. Think about colours, patterns, textures and shapes. Can you make your artwork symmetrical? To preserve your work you could photograph it, or create a smaller collage version using some glue and paper.

Good luck Hedgehogs, I look forward to seeing some of your creations! Love from Mrs McGuire


Welcome back to term time Hedgehog Class families- I hope you are well rested after a sunny Easter break and are feeling ready to tackle some more fun home learning.

New reading books, Y2 Maths work books and Y1 Comprehension work books are now available for collection from school. Please look out for an email with some links to websites and resources for Maths and Literacy too  🙂

Once you are set up and logged into the “See Saw” website you will see that I am uploading weekly Topic tasks for you to have a go at. Here is this week’s…

Hedgehog Class Whole Class Topic Activity

If we were in class at the moment, we would be learning all about moorland and meadow habitats, in particular by exploring local plants. So, this week I’d like you to see if you can find out about 5 different plants which are in flower at the moment. Have a look in a book or on the internet to find and copy a picture of each plant, as well as learning some facts about it. What colour is it? How many petals does the flower have? What sort of habitat does it like? Is it native to the UK or did it arrive here recently? Y1 and Y2 children could also label the different parts of each plant.

Then, when you are in the garden or on your daily walk, see if you can play “Plant Bingo”- you earn a different amount of points for each of the flowers you spot! Add up your points at the end of the week to find out your total score…

Dandelions      1 Point

Bluebells        2 Points

Celandines     3 Points

Primroses      4 Points

Cowslips         5 Points

Bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) - Woodland Trust

Good luck!

Keep reading and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and fresh air.

Mrs McGuire x

April 20th

Fancy a change?

Hedgehog Class Eggs What an amazing array of ideas – well done all of you!

 these look yummie!

Home made nettle soup – you have been busy …. did it tickle?

April the 13th 2020

Interesting links – Spring Birds this has such a lot to watch its wonderful

Free songs from Out of the ark – we use this resource at school.


Here is this weeks Newsletter with live links April 13th Newsletter and also please see this useful booklet to help your child’s welfare at this difficult time Look After Your Wellbeing

Flori and Tiggy enjoying the river at Youlgrave









Effie has made viking longboat!










April the 8th

Hello Hedgehogs! I hope you are all enjoying some fresh air and sunshine after a busy couple of weeks learning at home. I am missing seeing you all in class but hope that you have a lovely Easter weekend- perhaps with a chocolate egg or two!

I am busy helping baby Hermione learn to crawl, as well as putting together some more activities for you to try next half term. Love from Mrs McGuire x

Home Learning during school closure

April 6th  Happy Easter to all the Hedgehog families!

Here is this weeks Newsletter which was emailed yesterday Newsletter parents week 3 April 6th Easter All the links are ‘live’

We hope you are enjoying all the Spring sunshine

coping_calendar   and COVID-19 Information for Younger Children V.2  may be helpful for talking about how your child is feeling – DO let them chat to you it will help them to feel tier questions and views are important.

First news – pictures and activities

 Learning from Home Ideas – 6th April – Animals in the Wild

Primary Picture News Resource England – 6th April – Animals in the Wild

Do remember to email Woodlands.eyam.derbyshire.sch.uk  with a picture of something you’ve enjoyed doing at home

March 30th update

Picture News this week is all about staying positive – with discussion questions see website  Learning from Home Ideas –   Picture News Prompt 1

Can you write a letter to a relative you can’t see at the moment or friends of the family to share what you are doing at home.


First News this week is a whole child friendly newspaper with activities – see website for links

FIRSTNEWS_719 L1-Crossword-719

This book about the virus is in the form of a poem https://www.flipsnack.com/CSKidsBooks/what-s-going-on.html


A wonderful resource for ALL of you – online magazines and books with interactive quizzes and articles – many non fiction! https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html


Daily story time with David Walliams



Take a tour of a famous museum  https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours


Join over 1 million people who are starting the day with Joe Wicks’ daily work out

We are using this at school and many children in the Peaks are using this as their daily wake up task!


OR use go noodle.com for exercise routines – Mrs Gaywood recommends these as they really get you thinking too!


End your afternoon with some yoga or relaxation

Smilingmind can be downloaded or played from computers or as an app – it’s a daily relaxation session https://www.cosmickids.com/category/watch/

Here are some ideas about how to keep fit – from Mrs Gaywood  PE -Eyam home-activity-challenges week 2


March 23rd New resources

Oxford Owls have a library full of online books – happy reading! You will need to log in as a parent and its free.  https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Number Blocks is a maths programme that is based on the mastery style that we use in school – it is on youtube and lasts about 5 mins, there are about 30 programmes to work through!  – it has a series of associated games.


To support families during school closure our teachers are planning a range of material for you to use at home.

Initially we have put together ideas that will take you to the end of the Easter break including lots of lovely Easter activities.

Twinkl LOG IN

Twinkl are offering all families free membership for 2 months so children can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do – go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Picture News is a wonderful resource with a topical photograph/picture prompt and fabulous discussion topics for the whole family!



Home Learning, Hedgehog Class, March/Easter 2020

A few suggestions for learning activities to enjoy whilst you are at home. Try to read every day and choose a maths and Topic activity to complete too:

We have sent home a few reading books and am currently seeking some online reading resources.

Twinkl School Closure Home Learning: log on at: www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Download either the EYFS, Y1 or Y2 School Closure Home Learning Resource Pack- there are lots of lovely phonics, maths, writing and science activities to try.


Additional Literacy/Phonics

Please read and listen to stories as much as possible! Share reading books, stories and magazines, and help to read recipes and instructions too.

You could also explore the following resources: Websites: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ Useful free games include “Picnic on Pluto” and “Buried Treasure”.

Click on Phase 3 for Reception and Phase 5 for Y1 and 2 children. Apps: Squeebles Splingo Alphablocks
Additional Maths

Please practise counting, telling the time, recalling times tables facts and using skills like sharing, weighing and measuring at home.

You could also look at the following resources: Websites: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/ “Hit the Button” is a really useful game for practising doubling, halving and times tables facts, though there are lots of good maths games to explore on this site.

https://numberock.com/ Apps: Squeebles Maths Race Squeebles Times Tables The BBC “NumberBlocks” programme is great for Reception learning in maths, as is the NumberBlocks app.


Topic Please begin researching our next Topic- we will be learning all about plants and local habitats.

Using the little booklet provided, please make an information book with your own illustrations! You could think about how a plant grows from a seed; what it needs to grow; the different parts of a plant; the types of plants that grow locally to us in Eyam and how they support other forms of wildlife.

You could even get out in the fresh air and begin planting your own seeds, documenting what you do. Good luck!

Try to keep fit – set your self some sporting challenges

There will be ongoing updates made to this page – Good luck with your home learning journey.

Spring 2020

Before things went a bit topsy-turvey and we closed school, Hedgehogs enjoyed two fab Topics, learning all about Polar Regions and The Vikings. We played in our own Viking long boat and polar cave; made Viking beads; read lots of stories; began working together to tell the time and find fractions of amounts; went on a Spring nature hunt on our beautiful field; enjoyed PE at the Mechanics and brought in amazing Viking projects from home.

Hopefully we will be back learning together very soon- enjoy your activities at home until then!



Welcome back to another busy term in Hedgehog Class! We are learning about all things Viking this Spring- including making Viking necklaces, reading Viking stories and playing in our very own Viking long boat. To find out more have a look at the Topic Web below:

Hedgehogs The Vikings Topic Web Spring 2 2020

Here is our TOPIC WEB which tells you all about our current topic for this first half term.

Hedgehogs Ourselves and Our Local History Topic Web Sept 2019 for parents


Welcome to Mrs Cass who joins us to teach Hedgehog Class.

Summer Term

This half term we are exploring transport and will be making different vehicles in our imaginative area outside.

Medium Term Topic Plan- Transport Summer 19



April 2019

Here is our topic web – all about the impact of plastic in the ocean.

Hedgehogs War on Plastic Topic Web April 2019 for parents

We’ve been VERY busy this half term – have a look!


« 1 of 2 »

March 2019

This term we are lucky enough to be studying Mrs McGuire’s favourite subject…. Chocolate! Our Topic has already got off to a great start, with hands-on treat making workshops from the “Ministry of Chocolate”, lessons about fabulous Fair Trade and the chance to use the till, serve customers and take orders in our new “Eyam Chocolatiers”  role play area. Have a look at the Topic web below to find out more about what we will be learning this Spring:


Hedgehogs, Chocolate! Topic Web

Monday 4th February 2019

We had a great sports trip to the Arc in Matlock today, working with children from other schools on “Our Personal Best” as we had a go at catching, throwing, speed and agility challenges. Have a look at us having fun and working hard below!



January 2019

“Fabulous Fairytales and Marvellous Myths”

Welcome back, and Happy New Year! We have had a fabulous start to the new term in Hedgehog Class, playing in our Fairy Tale Castle, drawing Arthur Rackham inspired illustrations, reading and acting out traditional tales and beginning Gymnastics in PE. To find out a bit more about what we will be learning this term, do have a look at the Topic Web below:

Hedgehogs, Fabulous Fairytales Topic Web

Wednesday 5th December 2018

On Wednesday we had a fantastic class trip to Chesterfield. Our teacher George showed us around the library, where we made angel decorations, and we explored festive displays in card shops, florists, haberdashers, toy shops and butchers, writing a shopping list and thinking about how a town gets ready for Christmas. We also visited the Crooked Spire, finding out how the church gets ready in a different way, saving their decorations for later in December and counting down with an Advent Wreathe. We were very good at retelling the story of the first Nativity, too!


November 2018

A huge thank you to our children and grown ups who have been very busy at home making models and pictures of their favourite village locations as part of our “Town Mouse, Country Mouse” Topic. Can you spot our school, the Village Green cafe and the park?




Anti-Bullying Week- 12th-16th November 2018

As part of national Anti Bullying Week, Hedgehogs discussed what bullying behaviour looks like, and what we can do if we spot it at home or at school. We debated different statements and questions about bullying, as well as finding out what “cyber bullying” is, creating posters about online safety to help remind other children about how to stay safe on the internet.

November 2018

We have had a busy start to the new term, enjoying PE outside, pretending to be stylists in our Hairdresser’s salon and actors in our theater, learning all about multiplication and finding out about doggy senses with a fascinating visit from the Dog’s Trust.



November 2018

We have made a great start to our Topic “Town Mouse, Country Mouse”, comparing towns and villages, learning about the painter L.S Lowry and enjoying our new role play areas- a theatre complete with stage and curtains and a chic highstreet Hairdressers! To find out more about what we will be learning this term have a look at the Topic Web below:

Hedgehogs, Town Mouse, Country Mouse Topic Web


October 2018

To finish off our lovely Topic “My History”, we hosted a visit from the ladies at Bakewell Old House Museum, who brought Victorian clothes for us to dress up in, Victorian games to play and a range of strange artifacts for us to ponder over! This brilliant morning helped us to reflect on how life has changed for children since our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were little.


September 2018

Welcome to Hedgehogs new and old! We have had a great start to the new term, helping our Reception children to settle in and getting stuck into our Topic “My History”. We have been learning about animals and pets in our Vet’s Surgery, sharing facts about ourselves, singing Harvest songs and running, jumping, building and biking outside. Have a look at the Topic Web below to find out more:

Hedgehogs, My History Topic Web

 Welcome to our new Hedgehog Class for 2017-18

June 2018

This June we joined the rest of the school in enjoying a cross-curricular RE day, exploring the question “what do Christians believe God is like?” We learned more about the Holy Trinity, writing prayers and making salt dough pretzel models to represent God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.









June 2018

We have been having a great time getting stuck into our new Topic “Location, Location, Location”, exploring the geographical features of the coast, learning about the creatures whose habitat is a rock pool, making David Hockney-inspired artworks and of course playing in our new “Beach Hut”! Have a look at our Topic web below to find out more:

Hedgehogs, Location Location Location Topic Web

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Although we are learning about dinosaurs and paleontology in Hedgehogs, we still thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the whole-school archaeology day on Tuesday. We met real life archaeologists who helped us to dig for  Stone Age artifacts and make our very own Neolithic pottery, learning more about the amazing history of humankind.


March 2018

Shrove Tuesday and Mothering Sunday

We have been learning about the origin of Shrove Tuesday and Mothering Sunday in Hedgehog Class. We made delicious pancakes at the start of Lent to celebrate Pancake Day and then spent some time making beautiful cards and hand-sewn keyrings for our wonderful mums on Mother’s Day. Thank you to the lovely helpers who came to assist us with the tricky sewing!

March 2018

World Book Day 2018

Due to the snow we had to postpone our World Book Day celebrations this year! However, we had a wonderful time once the snow melted- as well as wearing our PJs to school and snuggling up with our favourite books to raise money for charity, we also hosted visits from a real-life author and an illustrator who taught us some brilliant drawing tricks…


Spring Term 2 2018

For the next two half terms Hedgehog Class will be enjoying a really “roarsome” new Topic… Dinosaurs! We have two new role play areas to explore- an outdoor dinosaur park and cave, and an indoor museum- and we will learn all about paleontology, looking at dinosaur skeletons, learning about the three periods of the dinosaur era, and pondering why dinosaurs eventually became extinct. Have a look at our Topic web below for more information:


Hedgehogs ,Dinosaurs Topic Web

February 2018

What a fabulous time we had during our “Journey Into Space” Topic. As well as a visit from the amazing mobile planetarium, Hedgehogs enjoyed learning all about the lives of inspirational astronauts Neil Armstrong and Chris Hadfield, reading story books about their achievements, writing letters from space, creating digital artwork inspired by the pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope and playing in our very own Space Station. Phew, what an exciting term!


January 2018

Happy New Year, and welcome to another exciting term in Hedgehog Class! We are very excited about our Topic “Journey Into Space”; to kick it off we are having a visit from an amazing Planetarium, and we will follow this up with lots of drama, maths, artwork, science and writing linked to “Space”. Have a look at the Topic Web below for more information:

Hedgehogs, Journey into Space Topic Web


November 2017


We have our very own parents guide to encouraging motivated and independent readers

Suggested reading books for Reception Class










Suggested reading books for Year 1










Suggested reading books for Year 2











It has been a busy term for us already here in Hedgehog Class. Have a look at us learning about our bodies on our school trip to Sheffield Hallam University, enjoying fun, games and popcorn on our Fairground Topic day and using real tools in the workshop outside.

6th November 2017

Welcome back to another fabulous term in Hedgehog Class. We have already got stuck into our wonderful Topic “Fun at The Fairground”- we have listened to Fairground music, played skittles and Hook-a-Duck, made popcorn and created sparkly firework pictures. Have a look at the Topic Web below to find out about what else we will be getting up to:

Hedgehogs, Fun at the Fairground Topic Web


4th October 2017

As part of our Topic “Me and You” we have been learning about bodies and growth in Science, looking at how our bodies grow and what we need to do to keep them healthy. We owe a huge “thank you” to Jonty’s mummy Sophie who brought their new baby Tiggy in to meet us this week. We found out what babies can and cannot do and how Jonty’s family look after Tiggy. What a special afternoon 🙂


September 2017

What a fabulous start we have had to the new school year! We have enjoyed our first PE lessons, modelled with salt dough, used the iPads to play number games and done some amazing poetry writing. Despite the mixed weather we have also been outdoors every day- playing in the water tray, riding bikes,  gardening and of course taking part in our first Forest School session. After hiking to the woods we worked together in teams to search for insects and autumnal objects, learning to identify different leaves and helping Mrs Jones to light the Kelly Kettle for our delicious hot chocolate. It is great to see our new Reception children settling in so well.


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September 2017

Hello and welcome to a brand new school year and a brand new Hedgehog Class! Our new Reception children have spent two half days with us so far and have enjoyed digging, painting, building, biking and making new friends. Our Topic this half term is “Me and You”, and we will be thinking about the things which make us special, as well as looking at bodies and how to keep them healthy. To find out more, have a look at our “Topic Web” below:

Hedgehogs, Me and You Topic Web


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