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Sporting Pride


We were so very impressed with the Sports Leader, Mini Leaders and Healthy Heros for their dedication to promoting the sports values in 2017 that Mrs Gaywood invited Janice Price (the Sports Partnership Leader for Rural Derbyshire) to visit the school and see lunch time in action. The sun shone and the children talked about all they do to enhance play experiences for each other as well as the skills they have subsequently developed.


The children talked passionately about helping others to become more determined. The Sports Squad Team have worked well together to improve self belief in many children.

Look at the Sports pages to see what we’ve done each month to develop all these skills as well as improve our sporting abilities.

Special thanks to the Lunch staff who organise and support many of our clubs – always helping the children be creative and have fun! Mrs Price was extremely impressed with their input and the children’s enthusiasm and organisation. She wrote an email to Mrs Gilbertson the following morning – here are some snippets. We were so proud of you all!


I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous day I had yesterday at Eyam seeing your amazing sports leaders in action. Rarely these days do I get the opportunity to see first hand the results of the Conferences & the training we put on for schools and colleagues across the partnership. Yesterday was an exception, & I can tell you I was so impressed with everything I saw. I can say honestly, in all my years of teaching I have never seen such outstanding leadership skills in action. This goes for the pupils and staff alike. 

I was truly inspired to see so much physical activity and engagement. The leaders spoke passionately about their roles in running mini-leaders and they delivered a great session for reception/KS1 which the children really enjoyed. The lady who set this up 7 years ago is simply marvellous, what a star! Similarly, the midday who attended our C4L champions Conference in March has really inspired the students who also ran a superb lunchtime club where children listened respectfully, had lots of fun and played the games fairly and without any arguments. It was a delight to see.

In the entire two hours of my visit I didnt see a single child who wasn’t engaged in sport and physical activity either as a participant or as a leader. The leaders were nothing short of exceptional, planning engaging sessions  and leading with confidence, reitterating the School Games values and what’s more,  demonstrating them in every way through their behaviour. Such outstanding role models. 

What an amazing team of adults you have at Eyam working together to set this us & who themselves demonstrate everything that is great and good in terms of helping young people to develop skills, confidence and self esteem through sports leadership. Not to mention the benefits of keeping young people active. 



Well done Eyam Team



We are thrilled to announce that our dedication to work as an effective school team has been recognised and we have been awarded the STOP Anti-bullying Award!

We have a dedicated Friendship Forum  made up of children from across the school who have received specific training on developing a happy play time for everyone – playing games and being on duty to help everyone find friends to play with. They have also bought new resources and ensure everyone takes turns as well as having a go at Mini-Leaders and some of the lunch time sports clubs too.

As well as learning about different aspects of bullying in class the children have promoted and discussed what to do if they feel unhappy – who to talk to and what help they will get.


The House Captains have lead discussions with their houses and carried out questionnaires and presented their new children’s Anti-bullying Policy.

    These are on display on the children’s notice board.

Well done everyone the Governors would also like to say how pleased they are of your team spirit of helpfulness, growing respect and in developing responsibility.