What’s Happening

Soccer stars in the making?

Actually it was a really tough set of matches but our Y5/6 children showed their resolve to do their best and not be intimidated by the taller and bolder players.

Eyam did well in saving the goals and in particular the girls learnt how to look brave and use their arms! The children drew against some of the winning teams! Super running and honest play as well as some great shooting meant we left feeling proud.

If you go down in the woods……………..

Forest school at Eyam school is a favourite event for all ages – pupils and staff really enjoy getting into the woods and searching for signs of life in the habitat, making dens, crafting using raw woodland materials and taking time to get to know each other, play games, listen to nature, relax with friends, drink hot chocolate round the fire and of course toast marshmallows. These sessions are a balance of various aspects of the curriculum from Science to speaking and listening to emotional literacy skills as well as physical development and woodcraft skills. The children enjoy some fabulous afternoons in all weathers – its a vital part of what makes Eyam school special.


Whole school Cluster Cross-country

Imagine that – 7 local primary schools all getting together for a cohort run!

Eyam children should feel really proud of their amazing achievements this year. every one took part and tried their best to keep going all round the fields at Hope Valley College. Its quite a way when you are 4 years old and just as far to go twice in Y6! Its a chance to feel part of a really big event, see the local secondary school and develop determination to keep going.

A special well done to the 6 children who reached the top 10 – especially in Year 5 are there were 3 of you! WOW a super result.

Tart, flan or quiche everyone was a winner

Delicious, yummy, tasty, fabulous,  fresh and cheesy !

Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Grant and Mrs Mason were set a tough challenge of finding a winning appearance, texture and flavour combination! We had great fun at lunch

Congratulations to Freddie who is the winner and Honor whose flans will be made the next time!

What a wonderful scene – thank you to all the families who got stuck in and supported this project to bring more choice to the children’s lunches!

Harvest Celebration

We welcomed so many of you into church this week for our Harvest Celebration where the children shared their learning about food banks. Hedgehog class sang their song so beautifully and remembered all the Makaton signs they had learnt – well done a super achievement for children who have only been in school a few weeks!


Thank you for all the donations to the Archer Project in Sheffield I know these were well received by the Church.


Here come the Heads of School for 2018-19!


We are pleased to announce Bess and Marley as our new Head Girl and Head Boy. Great team players, hardworking, enthusiastic and always willing to give a hand – these two are role models for the other children and are also able to talk about how steps to success can help you make progress, higher order thinking skills and of course our school values. They’ve both shown resilience oodles of respect and have taken on a range of responsibilities over their time at Eyam School.


£5 Challenge Splendid Success for Spendthrift Squirrels

This year, 5 teams from Squirrel class took part in the national ‘Fiver Challenge’. They were tasked with creating a new business from product design, to sales and marketing, to creating their own shop in which to sell.  All of the children displayed great teamwork skills, came up with creative ideas and made own their products. Here the children are designing and making their products.


The children had to design posters to advertise their merchandise and then set about selling it for profit!

Here are a couple of the marketing videos!



One team, Hungry Birds, was lucky enough to win the ‘Pop up shop’ competition as part of the challenge. Max and Marley represented Hungry Birds at a glamorous awards ceremony in London, at which they showed a video of their business, talked about their experience and accepted their award on behalf of the whole team (Savannah, Freya, Max and Marley). Well done Squirrels and great job, Hungry Birds!


Wonderful Worship

We are the Worship Team whose job it is to prepare the room ready for worship. We select the music and welcome all the children as well as lighting a candle and in doing so ensure everyone is calm and ready for  listening and reflecting on our theme.. We prepare everyone by reminding them that, like a candle, we can give away love to others without losing what we already have.

This half term we have been learning about our strap line ‘Let your Light Shine before others’, which is found in Matthew 5: v16. In worship we’ve learnt that we should show others our good character and have courage to do what is right, to set an example and develop happy supportive relationships with other people.We know that to be helpful and kind and to show your Christian virtues is to shine our light. We collected photos from school which show us doing this as part of our everyday lives.

Here is how we do this at Eyam School:

 trust  respect   teamwork patience compassion   determination

Fabulous Football

A MASSIVE Congratulations to our Y5 & 6 Football Squad who have made it through to the finals of the football Tournament and are set to play against teams from all over north Derbyshire. Also credit to the B Team who were awarded the Fair Play award and outstanding goalkeeper too! Great teamwork all round Squirrel Class.

Stand Up Derbyshire!

This event was a new initiative for Derbyshire with a range of sport linked events that schools could access. This included active literacy and maths activities to get everyone on their feet during the day. We enjoyed an on-line warm up with oversized characters leading the aerobics session! We already subscribe to ‘Maths of the Day’ which gives lesson ideas of how to keep active whilst using maths skills ….. more to follow during the term!