What’s Happening

Honey and spice and all things nice…..a celebration of skill, determination and fair trade

Squirrels got busy this week in an ambitious baking event. They’ve been learning about the journey that vanilla and ginger takes before it reaches our shops and considering how we ensure the farmers get a fair deal for their produce. ‘Learning about real foods helps us understand about what Fair trade means.’

AND then we sold our products to all the families at home time – reminding them about eating healthy fair trade snacks.

‘We learnt how to work as a team to get the jobs done.’  ‘We found out you have to read the instructions and follow them exactly or you will miss something!’

Look how many children took part in the village panto ‘Babes in the Wood’

Congratulation to all the children who took part you really showed off your dancing, singing and acting talents.

Your costumes and make up were wonderful and added to the over all entertaining production. You should all be very proud of yourselves and each other for taking on so many parts in the show and for bringing a smile to all the audiences who watched over the week.

Run, run as fast as you can look who’s competing at the County finals!

Look at how well Eyam did to have 4 boys running in the County finals! Congratulations on being in the top 10 in our Cluster which earned you the place.

On the day out of 50 children the boys came 16th, 32nd, 44th and 46th and the girls did equally well at 28th! It was a fantastic effort a huge well done. Keep running everyone as it keeps you fit and look it could be you representing the school next year.


Marvellous Manchester – a city adventure for Owls

What were we doing in Manchester?

Our Whole school topic is cities and we’ve been exploring the size of a city – how people live and where they play, transport, diversity, shopping, roads and facilities. We also got to fit in a visit to the Cathedral.


‘I learnt that there is an outer city and an inner city,’ said Hannah! ‘My best bit was looking inside the Cathedral.’

‘I found out the symbol for Manchester is a bumble bee and there were giant painted bumble bees on some of the buildings,’ reported Erin. ‘I really liked having the tour round the city AND eating my lunch too!’

Prue remarked, ‘there are not really any hills so its flat and that makes it easy to walk around. My favourite part was drawing the Cathedral because I liked looking at all the details.’


Christmas at Eyam CE School

It all begins with the start of Advent and the lighting of our first candle. We’ve been busy with a range of family events to help us prepare for the season of joy and goodwill. We sent off a pile of Christmas shoe boxes to Save the Children in early November.

Decoration morning with thanks to the staff and several parent helpers. A definite opportunity for team work and fun with music and mince pies!

At the same time the Church Centre had been making lunch for the community and some children went over to help serve this to friends of the church. We took a big group to sing and our 3 wonderful trumpet players showed off their growing confidence. It was a really delightful event – well done children.

Its national Christmas Jumper day when we think about Children everywhere and bring £ to wear our Christmas items! Thank you for your donations.

Here Squirrels are working hard in preparation for their annual ‘soup and a chat event when they invite a friend from the village or relative to join them for a chat and for homemade (by the children) soup and mince pies. Its a busy morning and staff help the children to make the room look special and plan entertainment. This year the school band played and the class sang The 12 Days of Christmas with all the actions! An event to feel proud of Squirrel children.

The children here show they care about their friends in Burkina Faso with a donation (through the PTFA) for a new peace of equipment at Jam Tan Primary School.

Its Christmas lunch – with visitors from the Community who regularly support the school. A super lunch and a BIG thank you to Mrs Thorpe and Mrs Tilson for all their preparations.

The Community Carol Service was made extra special this year with a visit from a real donkey! The children sang their hearts out with a fabulous action packed ‘Cowboy Carol’ and the older pupils took part in a drama created by the very talented vicar starring 3 very modern wise men!

Eyam school were invited to take part in a prestigious concert a the Winding Wheel raising funds towards Challenge Derbyshire who provide hospice support from both children and adults through St Helens Trust and Ashgate Hospice. The children joined local choir Perfect pitch, which now includes several of our children and together performed a wonderful nativity story with lots of actions and carols accompanied by the splendid Masson Mill band. This is also of course a great opportunity to perform on stage. Many thanks to Emma and Louise Hopkins for their enthusiastic support and parents for taking the trouble to encourage your children. The massed choir must have been almost children – what an inspiration.


Our Special Nativity was a total hit – ‘Christmas Counts’ was enjoyed by everyone and the Hedgehog children looked splendid in their costumes. As well as doing all the adding the children showed us that the Christmas message really can apply to everyone because we are all special to each other. Well done for all the singing, dancing, narrating and acting too!

Almost the end of term but time for an afternoon of musical delight from all our musicians. Parents packed the Owls classroom and the audience were right to give plenty of applause as everyone showed their determination to put on a good musical show. We had solos, duets, a trio, band, infants to year 6 and now 9 Peri teachers represented by the performers so a huge well done to you all.


The PTFA put on an entertaining disco for the children and along with the secret Santa gift room there were the Squirrel class games which proved an amazing hit. The children had designed and made these as part of their DT project and ran the event with real maturity. Thank you to all the parents who ran the party night it was a lovely atmosphere and great music!

School finished with a candle lit moment to reflect on our families and think about how to help everyone have a good Christmas break.

We hope you all had a happy Christmas and were able to meet friends and enjoy some family time together.


Health and Wellbeing at Eyam

We really value the wonderful gardens that the Community helped to build here at the school and so wanted to share just one of our activities with you.

We run a ‘Healthy me’ club which involves experiencing how to use some of our own vegetables and fruit to make a yummy snack and at the same time getting a chance to chat as a group with a member of staff and make links between using fresh veg, being active, eating a balanced diet and unpacking some ideas about food, keeping fit and what might have been in the news.

There are obvious skills to develop such a peeling, oven use, cutting and weighing – so lots of maths as well as washing up and turn taking, listening and sequencing instructions.

It gives the children a chance to ask questions about growing up and Mrs Perring, who has training in Special needs and Mindfulness, also makes sure every child gets involved in the conversation. The children work in small groups and this year thanks to a donation from the church we’re going to offer the club to Owls as well as Squirrels.

A chance of a challenge at In 2 Hockey at Anthony Gell School

A very competitive afternoon but what a great opportunity to play the top 8 schools from across the entire county! As Janice Price (Head of the Sports Partnership which we buy into using some of the Sports money) said at the start its also such a lot of hockey experience in a short time so the skill level rises in front of your eyes.

The children hardly got a rest and so really used their school hockey club skills and showed how far they had come by attending the weekly hockey sessions with Mrs Gaywood. They played well as a team and afterwards – whilst they ate their well earned snacks – reflected that they should move into the D more and try to pass to each other faster. Well done Team Eyam for getting stuck in, your Secondary Schools will want you in their hockey teams very soon too!


Order! order! at Squirrel’s Parliamentary debate

All the children had a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament and its history.

Of course its a great time to talk about examples of the British value of ‘Democracy’, for example its 100 years since women got the vote so we also thought about what this meant to women both 100 years ago and today in the UK.

Image result for british values democracy

Squirrel Class reorganised the room into the House of Commons and having watched a video about Brexit they began a debate. It was an interesting experience and it gave the children a chance to reply to each other’s questions and have a go at public speaking as well as considering how trade allows products to travel through Europe. They also expressed views on farming and enjoyed heckling each other and acting out a range of cabinet roles. Perhaps we have a future parliamentarian in the class!

Village favourites from Hedgehogs

As part of the topic on where we live – a city a town or a village, the infants were asked to ‘make a place in Eyam that was special’ Just have  look at the inventive creations. This project was part of our ‘HOT skills’ (Higher Order Thinking Skills) homework where, during the year different tasks are set that help to develop a problem solving approach. Skills such as imagination, design, invention, planning – as well as the most important which is spending time making something which involves talking and listening and having some family fun! We hope you enjoy seeing the results.

All the infants shared their creations with the school, each giving a short talk about why they had chosen that place. Again this takes a huge amount of bravery and helps to develop confidence and public speaking – its great to see this develop over time. The Juniors make such a wonderful audience too.




Odd socks to celebrate being different!

The National campaign reached roughly 19,200 schools and 7.5 million pupils. We joined 41% of schools who took part in Odd Socks day to celebrate that we are all different and that’s what makes us who we are!

This year Antibullying week was all about  ‘choosing respect’.

We’ve talked about the importance of  being proud of each other.

We also took the chance to ask the School Council and House Captains to have a look at the Child Friendly Antibullying Policies which had been put together just last year – this quickly ignited a lively conversation about online bullying and what to look out for. The group reminded all the children what they should do if we feel unhappy about anyone else’s behaviour – even if its not directed at them. We’ve run Play buddy training again this year and there is also a play buddy ‘friendship stop’ in the playground in case usual friends are unavailable. Staff reminded children that telling an adult is not the same as telling tales and that its always good to tell a member of staff before anyone feels unhappy…….. we always aim to resolve friendship issues but can’t tackle these unless we know about it so do please talk to us should anything become a concern.

Interestingly the campaign was proud to have

  • Released poll stats about how children feel about bullying and respect. We also found out about how they felt about adults bullying each other. These stats appeared across a range of media including BBC News, Sky News, Loose Women, BBC Newsround, The Daily Mirror, The Independent, The Sun and many radio stations.
  • CBeebies star Andy Day and Anti-Bullying Alliance patron, and his band Andy and the Odd Socks, supported Anti-Bullying Week 2018 and encouraged students to wear odd socks to school during the campaign to show their support and raise money for a good cause.