Author: Oona Gilbertson

School Council – working together to raise awareness of bullying


The School celebrated diversity this half term through a day of difference.

Children wore odd socks to remind us that everyone is different and that being our unique selves is cool! It would be SO boring if we all looked and thought the same.

We help others to feel included – we celebrate each other as everyone is different.

We talked about what bullying is – what it looks like and how it feels to different people.


Each class considered how we should be united – come together with one voice – against any form of bullying and what we should do if we think someone else might need help. We know we should act – tell someone and not let anyone feel unhappy. We talked about feelings and that some people find it hard to label how they feel.

The children agreed that bullying is mean, it hurts, its not fair, it makes people feel bad. Being united again this will make everyone stronger and help them to work as a team for a goal of happiness. How will you choose to behave towards others?

Children recognised that bullying can take different forms – the School Council then set about updating their Antibullying Policies ready to share with the rest of school soon.


Here are the final Policies

What is after this?: a Friendship Questionnaire to find out how school is doing – even during the pandemic we have to stop and think about all the things that make us happy and to reflect on what we can do to improve how others might be feeling.


Let it snow!


The ‘Frozen’ song still comes to mind as we watch the magical flakes fall and the excitement grows as the village looks set to be covered in a silent blanket ……. later broken by squeals of delight as everyone finds their snow kit and bursts into the cold, crisp air for some winter fun!

PE and exercise during lockdown is keeping us all fit in Eyam


We’ve really enjoyed the tasks and activities set by Mrs Gaywood. These have included a weekly set of fitness challenges – aerobic fitness, strength, agility, co-ordination and flexibility!

game designing jump ball Directional jumping agility challenge from Mr Gaywood   

Favourites have been the dance routine showing co-ordination skills with ‘Sid the Sloth’.


Chance to shine cricket was super – we loved doing the bowling in the snow! 

In addition we joined Niall from HVC who ran some great fitness sessions via Zoom – the children enjoyed his grown up stretches after they and warmed up.

Spectacular Shang Dynasty


Our Whole school topic in the late Autumn 2020

    water colours in the style of ancient Chinese art  Shang Dynasty inventions such as chariots and chop sticks!  Chinese fables with a moral.   Character descriptions Religious beliefs and practices such as the afterlife and their worship of gods.   Comprehension activities using all sorts of Chinese facts.     Writing recounts about the Shang Dynasty.  Eating using chop sticks and trying out noodles!

Chinese Willow pattern

Acting out scenes from our class book, The Great race, which was all about the animals of the zodiac. ‘Talk listen and ask’ all about my panda!

Nativity 2020


The pictures tell their own story – we enjoyed being in church for this special occasion and hope you’ve been able to watch the nativity film we made using the links we sent home on seesaw.

The Angel talks to Mary.

Mary and Joseph are told they need to set off to Bethlehem – it took several days.


No room here but you can stay in the stable!

Angels tell the shepherds good news – a special baby has been born and they should visit him.


A bright star appears in the sky and wise men follow it to Bethlehem.


We can all celebrate the birth of Christ and his message of peace and good will.

Musical moments with a festive theme!


Amongst the tinsel are some talented children who continue to have lessons online and in school depending on the teacher and the covid climate ……. they deserve a special well done for their determined spirit and a thank you to the music staff. One thing is for certain – they ALL do like the new room so a big thank you to all of you for helping to fundraise over the years, its made a special addition to our facilities here. 🙂

  2 bubbles of musicianship      

Good luck in your piano exam !


All super stars!

Happy Christmas


Christmas Decoration days


Split this year over several days due to covid class closures …… but just as sparkly and fun!

Owls made quite an impact even though they were the only class in school that day!   There was a treat for Owls ….

…. it snowed!!

Hedgehogs got busy with some traditional and topical treats!

   Mrs Jones has been busy organising new trees – aren’t they fabulous?   busy busy!

Squirrels got their fun and and their very own jumper day!


We will remember them


Remembrance day this year was a sombre affair and one that perhaps brought us all a little closer to the lives of those who lived through conflict and worked hard at home.


We have been thinking about serving – how did people serve our country in the II World War and who is working hard to serve our country now – we prayed for those in the NHS and people putting their lives at risk for our families health and safety. We said thank you to all those who who have made sacrifices for us to be healthy and safe.

Whilst every child made a poppy Owl class went to the church yard to look for the crosses which had been planted to represent each person from the local area who are mentioned in the War Graves list in church.  The crosses were simply made to show what the original war graves would have looked like. Squirrel Class helped to make some of these with Mr Brimer.


Here is a poem written by Squirrel Class which was inspired by a short animated video called ‘beyond the lines’. Squirrels have been learning to find, categorise and write using figurative language and so they worked hard to write their own war poems based on the video a poem  written in 1943 which describes the sounds and smells of the battlefield.


Rewarded for their resilience, respect and responsible attitude to life at Eyam School


Congratulations to all the Y6 who have been awarded a range of roles throughout school – its going to be a different sort of year but already they have been deciding how best to support the school to be the best it can be. We have a Librarian, IT Champion and On-line safety Officer, Sports Lead and House Captains, An Equality Ambassador, Worship Leads, Mental Health Champion and a Head Girl!

Over their time at Eyam these children have worked hard and grown as people, they understand and model our school values and can all give examples of how working together helps everyone to do their best. We are proud of their attitude and the care they take over each other’s happiness. Well done to our Y6 team.