Author: Oona Gilbertson

Let’s get growing


Busy hands in every class have been planting and getting ready for the Summer.

The Japanese Cherry tree flowered and is now in leaf!

Squirrels have been sowing vegetables and digging over the veg beds – weeding out was great fun and spreading fresh muck was very smelly but they enjoyed the group activity outdoors.

Here are their seedlings …..

Games and getting to know each other – again


We’ve welcomed a new family into school and what a great time to start. Every one has had a long time off and been learning remotely from home and so we’ve taken a few weeks to give time to settle back into life at Eyam School. Everyone has been re finding their friends and making new ones. Everyone has been re learning the way school works and remembering how to learn and play within covid regulations. So in class we’ve given time to talking, wellbeing activities, group challenges, games, outdoor time and lots of art projects. The older children noticed straight away that it wasn’t all so focussed on the 3Rs and they commented how great it was to chat and play. Well done staff for making time for this very important aspect of settling back into school.


Striving to give people a chance


Our Equality and Fair trade Champions have lead the way to help us think about how fair trade farmers are facing ecological challenges as well as fighting for a fairer price and a voice that is heard. We’ve been watching videos from across the globe to find out how weather patterns have effected crops – we’ve thought about how extra sunshine or rain can change the amount of harvest and so this also effects the income too.

Squirrel class got busy and have written to the local MP Sarah Dines, asking for more Fair trade products to be sold in local shops and supermarkets and for big companies to buy chocolate that has the Fair trade label.

  Enjoy a good read and look out for rhetorical questions and hyperbole as well as imperative verbs! Examples:  Letter One   Letter Two Letter Three

Letter Four   Letter Five 

Spring Delight


During the planning phase of the Tokyo Games in 2020 we were offered one of 6000 flowering Japanese Cherry trees as part of the blossoming cultural relationship between Japan and the UK. Here are some of the Pupil Leadership team including Bertie our Eco Lead and the House Captains. We used the planting celebration to think about all the good things a tree needs to be healthy and thrive – water, nutrients, sunshine, clean air, time and care/love. Guess what these are also the things that we also need to thrive and grow strong! On this brilliantly sunny day planting the tree was also a celebration of a return to school for everyone. Welcome back to Eyam and let us get on with helping each other to thrive.

Sakura Cherry Tree Project

Eyam’s moment on the National 10pm News!


Well done to the children who made such considered contributions to our school’s part in this clip about life in the village during the pandemic. We were filmed for a whole lesson which was taught on line as well as the children’s interview and a further discussion with Mrs Gilbertson………. quite an epic day!





a terrific treat and a heartfelt thanks



Whoever it was that nominated the staff to win this months Critical Workers gift then we were most grateful!

But oh what a treat it was – all the staff received such a generous afternoon tea from the Cool Stone in Eyam.

George was so kind to present each treat in a separate box to help us with remaining Covid secure. The scones were wonderful and there was much cooing over the healthy and tasty sandwiches. Massive thanks!

If you are interested in a takeaway then have a look at

Art and Design linked to Remote Learning challenges


Our topic of ‘Terrific Tales’ was chosen partly because of the array of DT and STEM activities – her are just a few pictures of the fabulous ideas to rescue trapped princesses, improve house strength and test materials for their strength. AS we ll as designing the children learnt how to use tabs, brackets and different joining components as well as discovering how to make a winch.

Our finished display!


School Council – working together to raise awareness of bullying


The School celebrated diversity this half term through a day of difference.

Children wore odd socks to remind us that everyone is different and that being our unique selves is cool! It would be SO boring if we all looked and thought the same.

We help others to feel included – we celebrate each other as everyone is different.

We talked about what bullying is – what it looks like and how it feels to different people.


Each class considered how we should be united – come together with one voice – against any form of bullying and what we should do if we think someone else might need help. We know we should act – tell someone and not let anyone feel unhappy. We talked about feelings and that some people find it hard to label how they feel.

The children agreed that bullying is mean, it hurts, its not fair, it makes people feel bad. Being united again this will make everyone stronger and help them to work as a team for a goal of happiness. How will you choose to behave towards others?

Children recognised that bullying can take different forms – the School Council then set about updating their Antibullying Policies ready to share with the rest of school soon.


Here are the final Policies

What is after this?: a Friendship Questionnaire to find out how school is doing – even during the pandemic we have to stop and think about all the things that make us happy and to reflect on what we can do to improve how others might be feeling.


Let it snow!


The ‘Frozen’ song still comes to mind as we watch the magical flakes fall and the excitement grows as the village looks set to be covered in a silent blanket ……. later broken by squeals of delight as everyone finds their snow kit and bursts into the cold, crisp air for some winter fun!

PE and exercise during lockdown is keeping us all fit in Eyam


We’ve really enjoyed the tasks and activities set by Mrs Gaywood. These have included a weekly set of fitness challenges – aerobic fitness, strength, agility, co-ordination and flexibility!

game designing jump ball Directional jumping agility challenge from Mr Gaywood   

Favourites have been the dance routine showing co-ordination skills with ‘Sid the Sloth’.


Chance to shine cricket was super – we loved doing the bowling in the snow! 

In addition we joined Niall from HVC who ran some great fitness sessions via Zoom – the children enjoyed his grown up stretches after they and warmed up.