Worship at Eyam – a time to be together and reflect

Our calm and reflective acts of worship are a special time when we come together, take some time out from the busy day and reflect on how our lives effect others. We think about how Christians believe God has set an example to us by sending Jesus to show us the way. We use a wide range of stories from many faiths and non, quotes and stories from famous scientists, sports people, artists and medics as well as those from ordinary people such as the families who have lived here in Eyam over the centuries. We invite people to share worship with us – from the church and the community. The children lead our prayers and plan as well as evaluate worship on a regular basis both in school in church and even outside!


Worship is central to life at Eyam. We meet daily, following a pattern of:

  • Gather ~ welcome from the children and light a candle
  • Engage ~ learning about how people can set an example to others –  involving some children to take part or to lead
  • Respond ~ reflection and prayer
  • Send out ~ think about our theme or how we can live or take away an idea

We enjoy a range of visitors and have close links with our local church. We are very lucky that both Mike and Adam continue to lead our whole school worship during the week and this adds to our understanding of the church year and our focus on particular Christian themes. We also have a  regular Worship lead by Michael Tinker from MAST – the children enjoy the lively stories, songs and his puppets too! At Eyam we use the Roots and Fruits resources to help us study the following virtues; Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship,  Respect, Thankfulness, Trust, Perseverance, Justice, Service and Truthfulness. These help us to embed our School values of Respect, Resilience and Responsibility and through the themes we also learn about the Christian calendar.

 Mr Tinker leading an action song with his guitar.

This year we’ve been thinking about Dignity as one of our themes – how to show dignity to others. Here Mike the Rector and the Y6’s are enthusiastically acting out a Bible story from John Ch8 to explore the link between dignity equality and blame. We have also learnt about buying Fair trade as this gives dignity to the farmers who grow cocoa and bananas. Our Link school enjoyed our World Book day gift – they’ve been able to use it to buy teaching resources and food. We wanted to show them that they deserved the same as us.


What is important at Eyam is our coming together as a community in action – we often take part in a whole school activity to reflect out half termly theme – here is just some of the work we’ve done. It usually involves working as a mixed age group to enable pupil Leadership and pupil support to develop.


The children wrote about how they needed courage at the start of the year – using a foot print to show they are on their own journey but together we can make a difference to each other.

Here we were looking at mirrors which show a reflection of who we really are – asking what we want people to see about us? doors to open up opportunities for other people and windows to look out onto the wonderous world and how we can have an impact on it and on the lives of others.

Have a read of our most recent SIAMS Inspection report which summarises and celebrates much of what makes our school special Final SIAMS Report Eyam

 ‘Let your Light Shine’ We looked at our vision and its roots in the Bible – in Matthew 5 vs 16

We found that we could be a light to others – to offer help and be a sources of strength, show compassion and have a friend in Jesus. Mike and Adam have shown us that we need to have courage – like David and Goliath.

We often sing  – using a range of resources, action songs, pop songs and more traditional verses.


Harvest – our focus this year was to support the Archer project – we learnt about where the donations of food go in Sheffield. We hope that by sharing we are learning to be more grateful for all the good food, friendship and love that we have.


We learnt about the War and people who showed compassion towards others. We found out about the women who worked at home and took over the jobs that men had done before.


Advent and Christmas

We joined the village for a Community Christmas Service in Church – along with a donkey, our fabulous bells group, plenty of singing and a story about 3 wise doods!

Our Youngest children performed a wonderful Nativity ‘everyone Counts’ which really showed how important everyone in the world really is.

 We finished the term with a quiet candle lit service in school where we thought about our families and how we could show compassion and love over the holidays.

Gratitude – Autumn 2017


Harvest – celebrating in Church with all the parents and making donations to the Archer Project in Sheffield



Celebrating good work and achievements both in and out of school 


Tree planting – celebrating outdoors with the Ranger



Our welcome to Eyam School power point we sent to Jan Tam School in Bakina Faso

Christmas 2017 Nativity and village Carol Service


Trinity and Prayer


We celebrated ‘Share a Pencil day’ in May 2018 by watching a film to learn about life in war torn countries and in places where children are hungry for food and learning. We are very lucky we learnt and school is free. We found that many children crave learning and don’t have resources – not even pencils to help them learn to write.