Worship Eyam style


Mike and Adam have given their time to bring us peace and a moments calm reflection to our busy days this half term. They usually join us in school but due to the pandemic we are not meeting as a school and so this is our only time together and its become a special event each week for staff and pupils.

We celebrated Harvest by holding up the fruits of God’s spirit and talked about letting our light and our spirit shine on others. We also picked out own vegetables and  met in the garden to say a thank you to our giving, natural world.


Our theme has been Hope, which began with thinking about how the NHS has continued to provide hope as they sought a vaccine for the virus. We can also give hope to others by visiting them or doing their shopping or asking how we can help our neighbours.

‘Hope is a renewable option: if you run out of it one day then you can start again in the morning with some more.’

We all stood together and felt hope pass down our arms and into our hearts in the wonderful sinshine.

Mike has talked about Gods Love being a promise of things to come and of its size  ‘big and wide and strong and tall’.



Adam last week brought his easel and painted the day Jesus clamed the waves – we should trust in him to help us when times are tough.

Here we are thinking about a story in the bible where other people complain and blame each other – we thought hard about whether we should condemn others or admit that at times we all get things wrong. We thought about how to forgive each other.

This half term we’ve also found we can do whole school Worship on Teams – each class can see and hear each other and we can share ideas, videos, hand out certificates and hear from pupils through this online medium. Its a new challenge but fun to be able to come together and to be able to celebrate together again.

 We are celebrating our Mac Millan Coffee morning with home made cakes !

Settling into school for our new Reception
New life and fluttery feathers

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