Well done Eyam Team



We are thrilled to announce that our dedication to work as an effective school team has been recognised and we have been awarded the STOP Anti-bullying Award!

We have a dedicated Friendship Forum  made up of children from across the school who have received specific training on developing a happy play time for everyone – playing games and being on duty to help everyone find friends to play with. They have also bought new resources and ensure everyone takes turns as well as having a go at Mini-Leaders and some of the lunch time sports clubs too.

As well as learning about different aspects of bullying in class the children have promoted and discussed what to do if they feel unhappy – who to talk to and what help they will get.


The House Captains have lead discussions with their houses and carried out questionnaires and presented their new children’s Anti-bullying Policy.

    These are on display on the children’s notice board.

Well done everyone the Governors would also like to say how pleased they are of your team spirit of helpfulness, growing respect and in developing responsibility.


Sporting Pride

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