Spring Delight


During the planning phase of the Tokyo Games in 2020 we were offered one of 6000 flowering Japanese Cherry trees as part of the blossoming cultural relationship between Japan and the UK. Here are some of the Pupil Leadership team including Bertie our Eco Lead and the House Captains. We used the planting celebration to think about all the good things a tree needs to be healthy and thrive – water, nutrients, sunshine, clean air, time and care/love. Guess what these are also the things that we also need to thrive and grow strong! On this brilliantly sunny day planting the tree was also a celebration of a return to school for everyone. Welcome back to Eyam and let us get on with helping each other to thrive.

Sakura Cherry Tree Project

Eyam’s moment on the National 10pm News!
Striving to give people a chance

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