Science week 2017 at Eyam School





Volcanic eruptions to flying toilet paper and Newston’s laws of gravity to rocket launching. Every one at Eyam really got stuck into learning about Science.


We learnt that the harder you jump the higher it will fly, that also the Laws of gravity tell us that an equal and opposite force is acting on the rocket so eventually it will sink back to earth.

We found that there was wind resistance so the rockets didn’t always go where we wanted them to! We did find Joel’s rocket.

Please read Olivia’s explanation of how the rockets flew –  Olivia

Boffin Joel carried out lots of experiments: He kept a match alight through making oxygen with Hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid and potassium iodine.

He also used sodium poly acrylate crystals to show us that liquid can quickly become a solid and not pour over Mr Wright’s head!

A favourite was the air pressure waves that made the toilet paper fly up even though the air source was facing downwards.

Hedge hogs had been making a Science projects at home and told us all about them in Worship – what a lot they already know!


As well as going to Chesterfield to climb the corked tower and learn about the windless mechanism, Owls made models back at school and have started designing their own fair ground rides.


At the end of Science week Science Fair for parents to see our topic work the Squirrel class children also explained how they had been testing various materials for their strength, conductivity, water proof qualities and sound proofing – showing results in arrange of ways including scatter graphs, charts and well constructed explanations and conclusions. They have also carried out online video research to compare and recommend the use of plastic and glass bottles – all linked to our Eco topic on waste and the 3Rs.


And to finish the project all the Infants visited Chatsworth House to study the fabulous dress designs – Hedgehogs have spent the half term considering various types of design so to see famous articles and dresses was a grand finale!


Outdoor adventure at Lea Green
Eggstravaganza!! Thanks to the PTFA

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