School Council – working together to raise awareness of bullying


The School celebrated diversity this half term through a day of difference.

Children wore odd socks to remind us that everyone is different and that being our unique selves is cool! It would be SO boring if we all looked and thought the same.

We help others to feel included – we celebrate each other as everyone is different.

We talked about what bullying is – what it looks like and how it feels to different people.


Each class considered how we should be united – come together with one voice – against any form of bullying and what we should do if we think someone else might need help. We know we should act – tell someone and not let anyone feel unhappy. We talked about feelings and that some people find it hard to label how they feel.

The children agreed that bullying is mean, it hurts, its not fair, it makes people feel bad. Being united again this will make everyone stronger and help them to work as a team for a goal of happiness. How will you choose to behave towards others?

Children recognised that bullying can take different forms – the School Council then set about updating their Antibullying Policies ready to share with the rest of school soon.


Here are the final Policies

What is after this?: a Friendship Questionnaire to find out how school is doing – even during the pandemic we have to stop and think about all the things that make us happy and to reflect on what we can do to improve how others might be feeling.


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