Roman invasion!


Did you know there was a Roman road just around the corner?

Did you also know there are the remains of  Roman fort in Bradwell – just over the hill?

We’ve been finding out all about our local Roman history and to help us we invited  the History Van to help us embark on a day of first hand finding out! A BIG thank  you to the PTFA for paying.


We designed bridges structures – learning that when designing an archway the bricks need to be placed in a particular shaped order – and the keystone is the key to its strength.


We learnt about Roman costume and the shape of the shield in showing the type of soldier you are. Auxiliary men used round shields!

Did you know that Roman shields were mainly made of wood.


The romans worshipped Arnamente a goddess who they believed would cure their illnesses so they gave a sacrifice at the river crossing in Brough, near Bradwell.

 We had a fabulous day as you can see.



Eggstravaganza!! Thanks to the PTFA
Summer Garden Party – Thank you to the Community

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