Reflections of Covid (part one)


The youngest children were asked to create a time capsule back in May and to actually bury it in their gardens to be found in future years – to create a memory of 2020. The older pupils wrote about how Covid had effected them and their family’s lives during the Spring this year. We put this together for the Parish magazine in June.

Spring 2020 our lives changed – will it be forever?

At the start when we shut it was scary as no one knew who was going to save us from the virus. Are we going to survive? I had such mixed feelings

At the beginning home schooling was ok but then my brother needed more help and I had to work by myself, it was stressful. My parents worried about money and about homeschooling as were were all at different key stages  and they were working too. We used work that the teachers had put on the website for us. We also had Seesaw which is an online platform for sharing photos and videos of us doing keep fit or showing things we had made – as well as work.

For me it was ok because there was lots to do on the farm and I learnt new skills – I can’t help thinking about people who don’t have a garden to play in. I was worried about not seeing my Gran and Grandad – and the rest of my family. I was worried about my parents because I didn’t think they would get paid.

We heard the Prime Minister alot saying ‘stay home save lives!’ so we had to do that which meant we couldn’t see our friends. I was worried incase we got the virus when my Mum went shopping but she has been ok.


I liked being with my family and spending time playing games and being in the garden too.  I spent more time helping on the farm – I enjoyed using the machinery and doing jobs. Luckily i could go to school because my parents were key workers. We did online work and it was strange. I enjoyed being at home and being with my family – we did have some up and down moments! It was hard for my dad as he always had lots of important meetings and so he had to work all day even though he was at home. My Dad was furloughed and we are wondering when he might ever be at work again.

It was starting to get boring being at home but the best bit was zooming y6. Each week the Y6 lead their own baking zoom and we all made the things at home – we taught each other, it was my favourite thing in lockdown.


The news of school reopening for more children filled us with joy – the thought of normal life again. I was so excited about seeing my friends again.

I was worried about what games we might play at school and how we would manage to socially distance. It turns out that its ok – we all have our own pens and can’t share equipment and it feels different because we can’t work together on things or sit in groups – we all have our own desk. There are lines on the floor for lining up and lunch and breaks are at different times, the bubbles don’t mix. You wash your hands a lot and don’t get too close to others but really other than that its amazing!


In September we are going to new schools – it should be easier to socially distance because it’s a bigger school. There won’t be any assemblies or big gatherings and we might have to stay in the class all day.

Written by Y6 pupils 2020

What is in the News – how does it effect us all.
Sports day – Yes we can and we will do it!

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