Inspirational Women – who is YOUR inspiration?


The children have learnt about some famous women who’ve been an inspiration to others through their passion, leadership, can do attitude and determination to keep going for a cause they believe is important for society.

Emmeline Pankhurst was a founder member of the women’s Suffragette movement in the early 1900 – as a result of activity and determination women eventually were able to vote.

Rosa Parks stood up for the rights of black women in America in the 1950’s and helped end segregation and inequality.

Corrie Ten-Boom risked her life to hide Jewish children in the second world war,

and more recently Helen Sharman made an epic journey into space – Britain’s first woman into space!

The children also found out about Greta Thunberg who is helping the world focus on the dramatic effects of climate change – this of course linked to our topic on plastic in the ocean in 2018-19

The children reflected on democracy in our recent election and during Parliament week they talked about which countries still do not have a democratic system of Governance. Squirrel Class were thrilled to host a visit from the local Lib Dem Candidate – who answered lots of questions from the children.

Enjoy reading some of the children’s writing – and what it takes to be an inspiration!

Emmeline Pankhurst

Inspirational women – Emmeline Pankhurst

Our topic culminated in a day of Belly dancing – just proving that anyone can reach their goals and along the way bring fitness and pleasure to lots of people – the children took part with great enthusiasm and it also made us all smile – which is good for mental wellbeing too!

Celebrating together
Singing our way to support Children in Need

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