How Healthy?


Look just how healthy we all are!

We’ve now been awarded the Healthy Schools Community Award

As you know we worked hard as a school last year to promote and develop various aspects of being healthy. We enjoyed taking part in ‘Play Buddy’ training with Mrs Hix and Dawn Monk and then we bought the play buddy bus stop and organised play leaders to make sure we were all safe and happy over break times. In class we made sure we learnt about how we change as we grow and how to stay healthy.  We encouraged everyone to keep safe on-line and drew up class charters as well as having on-line safety lessons each half term. Also we’ve been taking part in LOTS of lunch time sporting activities organised by the older children for the younger children – this is a really special element of life at Eyam – well done to the Squirrels and to the lunch staff for organising this so very well. All our work also links with the Anti Bullying Award and the Gold Sports Award we’ve also been awarded this year.

Mrs Gilbertson put all our work and photos into a file of evidence and then this was sent off to an assessment panel – and we passed!

This year we are developing ideas about how to include emotional wellbeing in our time at school and we’re waiting for the new menu to start before we then explore which meals we like best and how healthy it is to eat school lunch.

Christopher said ‘we enjoyed the training and it helped us to be more kind on the playground’.

Very many thanks

Soccer success
Run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch us!

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