Having a Ball


This girl can…..have lots of sporting fun without the boys!!

On Wednesday the 1st of November Angel, Polly, Martha and Eliza went to ‘This girl can’, at the Ark in Matlock. It was a fun girls sports event with lots of new ideas for the afternoon with girls from across the Peaks – with Mrs Hix. We did a lot of fun sports like dry swimming, inflatable horse riding, (Mrs Hix loved it so much she ordered some while we were there!) we also did an obstacle course, cheer leading and point throwing. At cheerleading we got to make up our own dance, I was with Angel and Martha and Eliza were together. We all found it really fun and we all have some more great ideas for new clubs!

Girls are amazing – its a girl’s world – stronger together – girl power!

By Polly


Award Winners at the Derbyshire Annual Sports Awards
Friendship Week at Eyam

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