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Everyone here knows about how important it is to consider buying fair trade good where possible – may be even some of you received FT Easter goodies this year?


The Hedgehogs have been finding out where their food comes from and just how far some of it travels to reach our homes.

Squirrels learnt about football manufacture and how complex the processes are as well as which countries made parts of each ball. They wrote to the local secondary schools to ask if they would consider buying FT footballs.

Owl children took their learning to our Easter service and explained the effects of FT sales on the farming families which really made us think how much we can help by buying Fair Trade.   

Last year the children undertook a survey of staff and children and we decided to look in the staffroom cupboards – this year we are still buying fairly traded tea, coffee, sugar – are you?

Finally we ran a Fair Trade break – healthy snacks at play time for everyone to enjoy.





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