Daring to draw


All the children enjoyed illustrating workshops with Martin Olsson. On his website he say, ‘By a combination of drawing challenges and games Martin will inspire the children (and hopefully the teachers too!) to have a go at the often simple ways we can make drawings come to life.’  There are lots of inspiring ideas on his website http://olssonmartin.wixsite.com/professorillustrator

Michael and the children shared the poetry written by Andy Toose, a local poet who we have met at school at a poetry workshop 2 years ago.


Using the poems he showed the children how to draw faces – they all worked hard and showed their determination to create some really good images – you will be able to see these around school as we’ve then used them as part of our work on the Stone age!

‘We learnt a new style of drawing,’ ‘he was very friendly and it was fun,’  ‘instead of drawing being flat he helped us bring it to life – it became 3D.’


Wide eyed at Bridgewater Hall
Cosy reading in PJs – despite the snow!

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