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A big thank you to our wonderful parents, who through fundraising have ensured all the children have an enriched experience of our curriculum topics over the year.


Archery On Tuesday, Eyam School got an incredible opportunity to learn archery. We had a great time.

First the instructor came in to give us a talk about archery and it was quite interesting. He showed us 4 bows and some arrows. The first bow was called a horse bow because people shot it whilst riding a horse. Originally the string was made from animal intestines! The second bow was called the long bow, because you shot it long ways. The other two bows were modern bows one was from America.

Then Squirrel class got to do archery first. We did really well. We shot 3 arrows at a time and the targets were a good challenge. The final game was more of a competition first the Hope Valley year 6s played and the winners were Peter, Max and Martha and Martha came 1st. Then the year 5s and Izzy and Grace played the game the winners were Izzy, Charlie and Jake and Izzy came 1st.

Overall everyone had a great time and we are really grateful to the people who organised it. “It was really challenging and enjoyable” Grace. “I really enjoyed especially the last competition” Jess. Archery was really fun!

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