A visit into Space


 ‘It was fun going into the tunnel – a bit squashy!’

What an amazing day to launch our new topic – a massive room sized planetarium the whole class could fit into!

‘It was really amazing.’ said Hannah, ‘We learnt about the planets and some of the dwarf planets as well’


The children were thrilled to see all the constellations and hear about the names of stars and why they have these historical titles.

Just some of the questions asked in the afternoon:

‘Why can’t we go to Mars?’

‘How big is the International Space Station?’

‘How many moons are there?’

‘Why are x-rays a problem to us?’

‘What got you interested in learning about space?’

Is the ring around Saturn smooth?’

‘How do we know the shapes of the constellations?’

‘How many gas planets are there?’

‘Why is earth called Goldilocks?’

‘Does the earth rotate anti-clockwise?’


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