£5 Challenge Splendid Success for Spendthrift Squirrels


This year, 5 teams from Squirrel class took part in the national ‘Fiver Challenge’. They were tasked with creating a new business from product design, to sales and marketing, to creating their own shop in which to sell.  All of the children displayed great teamwork skills, came up with creative ideas and made own their products. Here the children are designing and making their products.


The children had to design posters to advertise their merchandise and then set about selling it for profit!

Here are a couple of the marketing videos!



One team, Hungry Birds, was lucky enough to win the ‘Pop up shop’ competition as part of the challenge. Max and Marley represented Hungry Birds at a glamorous awards ceremony in London, at which they showed a video of their business, talked about their experience and accepted their award on behalf of the whole team (Savannah, Freya, Max and Marley). Well done Squirrels and great job, Hungry Birds!


Wonderful Worship
Here come the Heads of School for 2018-19!

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