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Please click on the link below to see our Sports Action Plan.  This shows exactly how we are using the funding to develop sport within our school.

Sports Action Plan 15-16

April 2016 – Netball Tournament

On the 17th of March Squirrels went to a netball tournament at Hope Valley College. There were lots of schools playing in the tournament, Eyam had three teams: Eyam A, Eyam B and Eyam C. We played teams from all around Hope Valley including Hathersage and Bamford. Each team played every other team and some teams got through to the play-offs. It was amazing fun and a great opportunity. We did well because we practised before the tournament with Lee in PE lessons and with Mrs Dawson as well. Eyam A did very well and came 2nd place so we are going to Lady Manners on the 19th of April for the finals. We are looking forward to playing again and we hope we might win!                    

By the Sports Squad

January 2016 – Mini Soccer

On 14th January, years 3&4 participated in a mini soccer tournament at HVC. Eyam’s yellow and red teams lost their first matches. Eyam red team played really well in their next match and many goals were saved. Eyam blue team then scored 3 goals and won their match, going through to the semi-finals where they scored 5 goals against Bradwell, and securing a place in the finals.  In the final, Eyam blue team played against Bradwell B team, it was a tough match and ended in a penalty shootout, which Eyam won!

It was a great tournament and everyone enjoyed it!

Mrs Brunt was thoroughly impressed by the great sportsmanship and spirit shown by our children.

By the Sports Squad

November 2015 – Sportshall Athletics at Hope Valley College

We went by bus to Hope Valley College to take part in Sports Hall Athletics. We got into the sports hall and there was lots of people running. When we sat down we waited for our events. First up was the short relay with Eyam, Hathersage and Great Hucklow taking part, and we came second.

After the races, we did jumping and throwing. The jumping was really fun. Fabian was the best at jumping, Jacob Wright was the best at hop, skip and a jump.

Later on we all went back to the races and there were hurdles and hoops. Then we had to do a roll at the start and go through a hoop half way through the race. Later on we had some free time to go to any activity we wanted.

By the Sports Squad

November 2015 – Visit from Olympian Athlete

On Wednesday 11th November Daniel Gardiner came to our school to do some athletics with us. Our topic is inspiration and Daniel Gardiner is a great inspiration. Daniel Gardiner is a decathlete training for the Olympics. Daniel is ranked 5th in the world! It was very exciting when he arrived and we had lots of question to ask him for example, who is your inspiration? When he arrived everyone was buzzing with excitement because Daniel Gardiner is an amazing person. We had an assembly when he told us about his life so far and then presented our bronze Sainsbury award.

We had lots of fun in an athletics session with Daniel Gardiner and asking different question. Mary said “it was an amazing experience and really fun.” It was an amazing opportunity to have a decathlete come to our school. Thank you Daniel Gardiner and all the teachers who organised Daniel Gardiner coming and the PTA for paying!

November 2015 – Tag Rugby

On Friday 6th of November class squirrels went to a tag rugby tournament at Hope Valley.

First team A played Castleton and won 4-0 thanks to Danny, Billy, Charlie and Danny again.

Then team A played Eyam group B and won 3-0 thanks to great team work.

Next team A lost to Bamford 0-7 and also Great Hucklow 1-4. Last of all team A beat Hope 2-1 thanks to Billy and Group B beat Caslteton 5-1.  

We had so much fun and really enjoyed it! Group A finished 4th and Group B 5th.  Next time we need to pass back more. 

Thank you so much to Mrs Hix, Mr Wright and especially the year tens and Mrs Cook at Hope Valley.

By the Sports Squad


October 2015 – Whitehall

On the 7th October, Squirrel Class went to Whitehall for three days. Everybody really enjoyed it and I was a great experience.

Our favourite activity was canoeing because we got to get wet. We also did lots of other activities including a night hike.

Thank you to all the staff at Whitehall and especially Mr Wright, Mrs Perring and Mrs Gilbertson, as well as parents for transporting us. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Thank you!!”

September 2015 – Cross Country at Hope Valley College

On Friday 25th September three classes from Eyam Primary School went to Hope Valley College to compete in a cross country competition. First the year 3&4s did 2 laps of the huge field. The results were … Luke Boatswain ran a marvellous race and came first closely followed by Charlie Grtton who came 8th and Arthur Hayfield who came 12th. In the year 3&4 girls, Grace Edwards sprinted to the finish and came 1st. Followed closely by Freya Darley in 9th and then Emily Booth in 14th. The year 5&6s completely 2.5 laps of the nerve racking field. The first runner from Eyam was Danny Hancock, in 6th, and Charlie Hollis in 9th. They also qualified for the Derbyshire final, with Jacob Sammans coming 15th. In the girls race, Bea Booth came 19th closely followed by India Dale who came 23rd and Grace Cottrell who came 26th. It was really tiring but a fun day. Everyone had so much fun and tried hard. The Sports Squad said “even if you are not very confident, do it and try your hardest because it’s really fun.”

By Maddie, Mary, Bea and Codie

Review of 2014-15 Sporting Events at Eyam Primary School

We monitor involvement through talking with the children about sporting events they do both in and out of school. We found that 70% of our 77 children take part in sports during the week out of school – ACTION: we aim to encourage more of our children to take part in a wider range of afterschool clubs so that this increases next year

We took part in all these events

  • Tag Rugby Tournament
  • Athletics
  • Football Tournaments
  • Cross-Country Ks2 and KS1
  • Orienteering Festival
  • Sports Hall Athletics
  • KS2 Rounders
  • Infant Sports Day
  • KS2 Sports Day at EIS in Sheffield

We had a fabulous School Sports Day with parents joining the school in the playing field. All the children took part in a range of timed events and the parents enjoyed cream tea after the finish line!

All our children have at least 90 mins of PE/sports lessons a week and at least a further 30 mins of outdoor and/or sporting activities. This includes: adventure training, lunch clubs, mini-leaders for infants, cycling, swimming, active 8, sports clubs and forest schools

We worked hard to ensure some of the less engaged pupils had a good try at a range of active play challenges by encouraging them to lead or by invitation to the club.

The children enjoyed a range of activities including several new events:

  • Tag rugby lessons and a full afternoon tournament run by the Sports Partnership and sponsored by Hope Cement Works
  • 2 children took part in the Decathlon Sports trials and were selected for RDSSP Talent Academy
  • Our pupils were highly commended in the local cross school football league. We were proud to have the ‘man of the season’ in Year 5!
  • A parent has set up and run the Netball Club and we look forward to that continuing on a Wednesday after school next year
  • We are promoting the Sainsbury’s Games award and hope to apply for the Bronze Award this year
  • We’ve encouraged our children to take part in all our activities – this is to help build their confidence – next year we will ensure there are more intra school competitions between mixed years.
  • We are funding the training of a member of staff to lead Forest School lessons
  • HVC Orienteering Challenge
  • The entire school took part in a full day cross country ‘Giant Peakland Walk’. We walked a massive 456 miles in one day!
  • Our older children all take part in a residential experience which focuses on outdoor adventure activities and building self esteem
  • Next year
    • We will take part in as many local tournaments as possible and have undertaken to organise more local matches for lower KS2 pupils – all of this presents an issue over transport costs as a coach for half a day costs £150 for 25 pupils or £100 for 16 pupils
    • We have invited an Olympian Athlete to visit and inspire and challenge our young athletes
    • We will run our biannual Bikeability course for Year 5 and 6
    • We are using a new Sports APP to help track our progress and achievement.
    • We have specifically recruited new staff who are keen sportspeople in their own time and we are therefore planning more sporting clubs including cross country running.
    • We invested last Summer in a sporting club at lunch time run by a Teaching Assistant at school. This will continue next year with a regular rota of activities
    • We will introduce the whole school to wake and shake at 8.40 at least twice a week
    • We will continue weekly forest school lessons – each class take a half term in the forest lead by qualified staff.
    • We will watch the Tour of Britain Bike race in September
    • Next year we are taking part in the Sainsbury’s Sports Challenge
    • Finally, we have a group taking part in the Inspire Physical Activity Program supported by the Olympic Cyclist Bryan Steel.


We receive an additional £8,300  in our budget for PE funding within the school.

Our main aim is to use the additional sports funding to:

  • Provide access to a wider range of festivals, competitions and extra-curricular sport for all groups of children
  • Raise the profile of sport and P.E. within the school
  • Provide Professional Development for all staff in P.E. and Sport (CPD)

Please click on the link below to see our PE Action Plan.  This shows exactly how we are using the funding to develop sport within our school.  You will notice that although we receive £8,300 we are currently spending £8,856 such is our commitment to the development and improvement of sports.

Sports Premium Action Plan 14 – 15

A small school making a big difference!