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Receiving our GOLD Award as we train our next Change for Life Team

We are all looking forward to another successful year

We’ve got off to a flying start with our two girls who got through to the Talent Academy over the summer.

RDSSP Talent academy

Emily and Freya went to an epic talent academy. To qualify for this amazing academy you had to go to the pentathlon at HVC and come in the top 40.

We did lots of fun activities like:              *Hit the monster     *Peg tag     *Trick cone

We were really lucky to meet a professional Bobsleigher who is now a speed skater. After meeting her we talked about healthy eating and did some ladder drills. On the first day we try to improve our scores that we got in the pentathlon after some hard work training and we got the bronze level.

We enjoyed the ladder drills but are favourite part was hit the monster. Over all we really enjoyed it and learnt lots.                                                                  By Emily and Freya

We also celebrate a massive achievement – so many budding dancers who’ve all achieved their ballet and dance exams – some even managed to reach distinction level! Congratulations girls.

Sports Action Plan for 2017-18

We are expected to show on the website how many children can swim 25 in Y6

This year all but one of our children can swim 25 m (92%) and this child has made progress and uses a float to help get around the pool. All the children took part in water polo training and many attended an out of school tournament in Sheffield.

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January Sports Matters 2018 Read about Sports Hall Athletics, Basket ball finals, our Gold Award and splendid Gymnastic efforts at HVC as well as an impromptu dance lesson with a budding Sports Leader from Lady Manners.  JANUARY 18 – for Web

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What a treat – the sun shone and all the children took part!

We began with Caribbean Steal drums and the day included African bead and clapping games played during rest periods – its was a blisteringly hot afternoon.

Each House took the competition seriously but there is always time for encouraging others and cheering everyone on. At Eyam we like to make sure everyone gets a go and their individual efforts mean something to the House team. The afternoon culminated in a game of Timeball played by the oldest children.

Big thanks to Mrs Gaywood for organising the event and volunteers for helping each House. As always the children showed great  determination, passion, belief, respect, honesty and teamwork – the core sports values, as well as a wonderful friendship. Thank you parents for taking the time to join us all at this great Summer event!



Intended spend for 2018-19  Sports Premium 18-19 intended spend for web

2016 – 2017

Our Action Plan for the year ahead 2016-2017

Sports Action Plan 2016-17

Impact of funding for 2016-2017 Impact report

Here is a review of the positive impact that sport has had on our school over the last year.

Review of 2015-2016 Sporting Events

Sports Action Plan 15-16



Sports Matters June 17

There has been so much going on this half term – read all about it in Sports Matters April

At Eyam we regularly publish our sporting news in ‘Sports matters’ as part of our school newsletter – Sport Matters at Eyam -March-20th

Instructions from an expert!

All the children have taken part in a series of sessions to improve their ball control skills – bowling is a great way to practise careful rolling and the children really improved their skills, taking turns to try and aim for a higher score each week. The older children had a tight competition between boys and girls – the boys just winning by 1 roll of 100!


Success at Antony Gell Open Basketball Tournament

On Wednesday the 1st of February Eyam A Team – Fabian, Jacob, Daniel, Seb, Grace, Maddie and Arthur went to play in an Open Basketball Tournament at Antony Gell school. We went with Mr Wright, Mrs Gilbertson and Lucas a Sports Leader from Lady Manners.  It was an open competition against other schools in North Derbyshire!

Eyam A team played all the other teams in their league, we tried our best to show the other schools that we were fantastic players. We played 4 matches, winning 2 and drawing 2. Lots of brilliant goals were scored including Fabian’s explosive backwards no looker shot in the first 10 seconds of one match! Grace C also scored some amazing goals. We scored enough goals to come second in our league just 2 points behind the winners! In addition we were awarded the ‘Spirit of the Games cup’ for determined sportsmanship and real effort to do our best.

We all had a great time including the teachers! “It was very thrilling, challenging, amazing and I was so happy when we found out that we had come second!” Explained Maddie.

By Fabian


Sportshall athletics tournament January 2017

Squirrels went to the local athletics tournament where we competed against all the other 8 schools including Bamford and Bradwell. Our first event was the one by one lap relay Eyam A came second (unluckily) but there was more to come. The next set of races was a two by two-lap relay and then the obstacle course where we came over all third and the hurdles, where we also came third. After that we participated in the field events. They were… the chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump and not forgetting the soft javelin and the speed bounce in which we were very successful!

The last races were coming up they were the Relays. “I am scared for the whole team so we will do well,” said a hopeful Luke as he cheered for the team. Finally it was the obstacle relays, hurdles and the four by one race.

At the end of all that Jess had won spirit of the games, Grace Cottrell jumped a PB in the vertical jump and Tom Marsden won best ball throw not forgetting Olivia Turner who won most effort. So rounding it all up it was very successful. In the Tournament over all Eyam A came third with 237 points.

By Polly and Daniel Bardwell


Year 3 and 4 went to Hope Valley College for a challenging Pentathlon. We had a great time and we participated in lots fun activities such as: speed bounce, triple jump, long jump, running events and lots more. We all really enjoyed it, “It was very well organised and the young leaders were very kind!” Savannah explained. “It was a lot of fun, it was also very thrilling and a good experience!” Olivia said enthusiastically. Everyone took part really well and did their best. Some people even got new records such as Charlie and Will.

The scores were very high, the highest score on the speed-bounce was 40 and the highest score on the triple jump was 5.00 meters they were both achieved by Charlie. “I was very pleased with my-self and was very happy with my new records” Charlie told us. William achieved the fastest shuttle run, he ran it in 34 seconds and amazingly beat us all.

Some of us were nervous and others were exited. When we got there we went into the sports hall and some older students laid out some equipment to do our activities with. We all got a £5 award in Worship today! Mrs Gilbertson reminded us to say thank you to our parents for taking us.

Change 4 Life January 2017 – read on to find out more Change 4 Life

Y 3/4 Winners at Mini soccer



Hope Valley Basketball Tournament:

On Friday the 11th November Squirrel class went to Hope Valley’s first ever basketball tournament for year five and six. The teams were: amazing A team, the brilliant B team and the courageous C team. Eyam A came second, Eyam B came last but they still tried and Eyam C came joint third with Grindleford.  “I like that we were showing team work and supporting each other,” Arthur said. “Even though we came last we were all resilient and positive,” Martha said. The schools were: Eyam, Grindleford, Bradwell, Bamford, Hathersage; who in the first round played each other with skill, pace and passing.

The team that really stood out was Eyam A who scored 12 goals in the first round! “It was very competitive and you have to work hard but we all did very well, we all tried our very best and I think that’s all that matters!” Grace Edwards exclaimed after playing all the matches.

After the first round the runners up and the winners played a fierce match. Eyam A played Grindleford; Eyam c played Bradwell and lost but Eyam A won and advanced to the finals against Bradwell. After a complicated match Eyam managed to score an equaliser but the whistle had just blown and it was disallowed. So after a tiring game Eyam reported an unfortunate loss, however we all had so much fun and felt amazing.

Cross Country

Three of our super runners represented the school at the Cluster Finals in Ashbourne.

On Saturday 5th November some had made it to … the finals at Ashbourne!!! The first thing we did was sign in to Mrs Cook the manager of hope valley cluster. We walked the route through first to get the feeling of it. There were lots of hills and gradual gradients (to be fair it was really difficult we can’t lie!)

It was Luke’s run first unfortunately he was at the back at the start but he did extremely well he came… 15th out of 50 boys. Then it was the girls run which Grace and Freya participated in. Luckily they were at the front not the back we started a slow jog on the first lap but on the second lap we gave it our all! After, we waited for the results meanwhile we were eating Haribo’s. Unfortunately we came last in the girls and boys race but we tried our hardest and did our best. But one of our girls from our cluster came…2nd . We felt proud to represent our school.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded the Silver Sports Award for our range of activities and tournaments in 2015-16!

We’ve already taken part in the year 5/6 football tournament: Here is the report.


Last week Y5 and Y6 participated at a football tournament held at HVC. We entered three teams of Y5 and Y6: the fantastic blue stripes, the awesome oranges and the skilful reds.

 They all tried their best. Fantastic blue stripes won half of their matches, but sadly they didn’t get into the finals. They were all resilient!

Reporters Savannah and Grace E

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Orange crop
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This week we began our run back from Rio! each week we all run – the whole school takes off through the village for a 2km run

Here are our super runners at the Cross Country event at Hope Valley – we did really well and got through to the finals in November. Look at the effort these children are putting in to doing their best!

Cross Country Competition

On Friday 1st October, Eyam School went to a cross country competition which was hosted at Hope Valley College. We entered year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

“I think we were nervous but we all tried our best!” explained Luke.

There were four people from our school who got into the finals, those 3 people are: Luke who came 3rd, Grace who came 4th and Freya who also came 3rd,

best of all was Charlie in year Four who came first! Wow!!

There were 8 schools competing so a lot of children participated. We did a lot of training on Thursday mornings when we ran 2km as a whole school

and we are able to take part in running club on Fridays. In addition we also did some on Monday and Friday in PE lessons so we were very well prepared.

On the day it was windy and sunny. We ran on the sports field, it is very flat and good to run on.

Written by Tom and Luke

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