Parent Forum

We offer you the chance to come and talk to us about anything that is of concern relating to school life. This may be playtimes, morning routines, how we make decisions, school uniform, lunch, trips – if its specifically about your child then please see your class teacher.  The Parent Forum, which is made up of any parent at school, meet the Head, Mrs Gilbertson, each half term to discuss a range of issues, concerns or to review policies.

Over the last two years we have looked at the sex education policy along with a Governor, we have been shown round school grounds by the School Council, along with the school care taker, to look at ways to improve the outdoor environment, we have conducted a healthy schools audit, read and discussed the behaviour policy and talked through fundraising ideas. This forum is not so much about raising money – that’s where the PTA are involved, its really about hearing parent’s views and answering questions – there is a feedback through the school newsletter. Any question is possible – just pop it into the school letter box and it will be discussed.

We recently sent out a questionnaire to parents and at our next meeting we’ll discuss how best to provide the answers that parents were asking.